Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Golden Birthday

I turned 28 on Sunday, the 28th. The all important (to girls) Golden Birthday. Anyone who knows me knows that I love birthdays. Love them. I get excited about them and want to make them special for everyone else. For my own, I get really excited and count down the days, and commit breaches of etiquette by throwing myself a party or get-together. That didn't happen this year though. I didn't get excited. I wasn't upset, just not excited. Luckily, my mom and Mr. Kingston got excited for me.

As my previous post shows, I kicked off my birthday weekend with my makeup trial. When Mr. Kingston got home that evening, we went to one of our favorite neighborhood bars for a couple drinks. On Saturday morning, I went kickboxing, which I love to do. I was lazy for a while, and cleaned and straightened up the apartment. Mr. Kingston ran some errands and came back with a Hannah Montana birthday banner to decorate the apartment. Around 5pm, my parents arrived from Tucson. Our plan was to go out for dinner, then to a dueling piano bar. My mom brought a basket of goodies that Mr. Kingston agreed to cook for dinner Sunday evening: chicken, green beans, brownies, fruit, wine, bruschetta, and cheese. Yum! So we went to dinner, and it was delicious, and then to the piano bar. My friend Reverend Drew met us there. We stayed for a while before deciding to head to another bar. It was a lot of fun to get to just hang out with most of the people who love me most (my sister was in San Fran with her boyfriend).

Sunday was a great day. Our dog let me sleep in, we went shopping, made our dinner, got Coldstone (Birthday Cake Remix, of course!), then went to watch karaoke. It was a perfect day we got to spend together, and I had an awesome birthday.

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