Friday, July 24, 2009

It's finally Friday!

Oh man has this been a long week. I've been really busy at work, wrapping up projects that were put on hold for quarter close. Paisley has been getting up in the middle of the night, leaving me feeling exhausted. Hopefully this weekend will be somewhat relaxing. We need to try to pack some stuff up and start with cleaning for the move next weekend. My final exam for my class will be available Monday morning, so this is the calm before the storm as far as school goes. I also start fitness bootcamp on Monday, so I want to be sure to get in one last kickboxing class on Saturday. If I have time, there's a wedding-related art project I'm hoping to get to. We'll see.

As far as planning goes, I finally worked out a timeline for the reception. I had no idea I'd ever care about the order of reception events. But everyone else needs to know the order of business, so it was a necessary evil. We're also working on our music list - figuring out how to mesh our taste for hard rock, punk, and metal with what's appropriate for a wedding and that meets with our guests' liking. We're thankful that we found a DJ that "gets" us and we're confident that he'll find a happy medium between keeping our guests on the dance floor and throwing in a few for us.

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Karen said...

You are so organized and I am amazed at how well you juggle everything. After seeing your time line and talking about all those details last night I am getting really excited too. I never had to think about the order of things for our wedding other than the time of the ceremony and what we were eating and where to set it up. So if I seem a little dazed that's why. Just think, 1 month from today is your shower and then time will go really fast. Megan and I are having fun planning the food and those "silly" things you do at showers. Sorry I missed seeing Dan last night - it will be nice for him to meet Aunt Linda in a few weeks. Happy packing, it is always such fun!! A clean and new and bigger space will be very cool!!

Love, Mom