Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding arms!!

That's what I said to myself as I tried to keep my body going during my first bootcamp workout. It was pretty brutal. The exercises weren't horrible, but the heat made it feel hard to breathe and rendered my muscles useless. I started out far too strong and didn't pace myself well, since the first two rounds felt so easy. I also started off the workout by smashing my index finger between the asphalt and a 15 pound weight. The first few sets were done in pairs - my partner did one exercise while I did another. One of us was the lead, and when the lead finished, we switched. Then there was a 10 minute round of cardio - 5 exercises, 20 reps each - in a cycle until the time was over. I didn't do well with it at all. By that point I was hot and was focusing on getting my breathing back to a normal pace. I think I got through one, and they were pathetic at best.

But, I made it! I'm alive, and I'll be sore, but I made it. I know what to expect and tomorrow will be easier. I'll drink more than the 70oz of water I drank today. And hey, when I get to go to kickboxing on Saturday, I will own it.

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Donatelli98 said...

I would always take at least 3 32 oz bottles of water to boot camp with me ... to stay hydrated ... drink lots at work tomorrow!