Monday, July 27, 2009

THE week has arrived

Today begins the week I've been both excitedly anticipating and dreading. It's bootcamp/tax final/moving week. I've told myself I just have to get through the next six days and then life will be much easier. By this time next week, we'll be in our new place, I'll be really sore but hopefully feeling stronger, and my class will be over with. Only 6 days...

We had a really good weekend. Saturday morning was busy. I had my assessment for bootcamp, then went to kickboxing and got a haircut. Mr. Kingston and I ran errands. We picked up a gift for a baby shower next week, bought cleaning supplies and decor for the second bathroom so we don't have to worry about it next weekend mid-move, and got some other stuff done. We finally went to see The Hangover - it was absolutely hilarious! I definitely recommend it.

Yesterday we slept in - it was glorious. After I took my quiz for school (last one, yay!), we packed up a few things. We chose the wine bottles we'll be using for centerpiece/table names and threw out the rest. As usual, we spent our Sunday evening listening to karaoke at Native New Yorker. Bill wasn't there to sing to me, but we still had a good time.

I found Mr. Kingston on the couch this morning at 4am. I asked him why he was out there, and all he said was "puppy psycho." This morning as we were getting ready, he told me that last night, I slept through Paisley's craziness. She's like a gremlin: crazy when wet, and she'd apparently gotten a boost of energy when she walked in the wet grass during her before-bed trip outside. After we went to bed, she scratched at the door, wanting to go out to the living room to eat, drink, and play. So he'd done what I've done plenty of times before: sacrificed himself and moved to the couch so I could sleep. He's a good man :)

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