Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check, check, check

I got so much done today! Mr. Kingston went to Parker, Arizona - about 3 hours away - to do security for his friend's niece's quincenera (huge 15th birthday party in hispanic culture), so I had the whole day to myself. I got a bunch of wedding stuff done. The invitations were stuffed - they only need our return address, which I won't know until at least Tuesday. I also got some project stuff to do for the wedding decor, ribbon for various accents, and the undergarments for my dress. I also wrote the program and made my massive to-do list. I think I'll feel better when I can start checking these little things off. It's a lot, but totally manageable.

With shower invitations out, wedding invitations a week from being ready to go, and do-it-yourself projects filling up the to-do list, we're really getting close. I know 3 months doesn't sound very close, but it seems like yesterday that we were 9 months from the Big Day, so I know it'll go fast.

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