Monday, July 13, 2009

Inky paws

Our darling Paisley found a fun toy this weekend - a pen. As if our carpet hasn't had enough inflicted on it, it's now spotted with ink, along with her dog bed, the mattress pad, and even her. When I bathed her, her paws were black, and her mouth must have been too, because the bone she was chewing on was stained. Paisley loves getting dirty, as evidenced by this picture of her after digging in the yard when she was really little. She's my little mud puppy.
I also ordered Mr. Kingston's wedding band this morning. He chose a really nice brushed tungsten style. I have a lot of other wedding-related things I need to get ordered, which I'll do just as soon as we know our moving date. It should be by July 31st, so we'll see.

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Donatelli98 said...

Love the picture of Paisley - she is too cute!