Monday, March 19, 2012


I didn't mention it here, but I did on Facebook. We passed a milestone coming up on two weeks ago: the anniversary of buying and moving into our house! It's crazy how fast the year went by. It's also crazy how much we've done, and how much we've still got to do. Here's a quick rundown of our list of projects (crossed out = complete) since our move-in date of March 11, 2011.

Last updated 4/9/12

Living Room:
- Buy a new couch
- Art on the walls
- Replace entryway lighting fixture
- Install doggie door
- Replace porch door
- Refinish fireplace and mantle
- Wood floors (although Young House Love is making me think seriously about cork)
- Gallery wall

- Paint
- Install fan
- Replace countertops
- Replace appliances - technically, we haven't replaced the fridge yet. There's a part that needs to be fixed and then it can be replaced.
- Refinish cabinets
- Replace sink - oh how I love my granite composite super-deep sink
- Replace overhead icky lighting with can or track lights
- Get art for walls
- Chalkboard menu
- Decorative apron hanger - it's kind of done, just haven't hung it yet
- Get a bigger kitchen table
- New: install base cabinets and countertop for workspace on back wall

- Paint
- Replace countertops and sinks
- Replace lighting
- Remove shower doors for curtains
- Replace large mirrors for single mirrors over each sink
- Monogram letters (master bath)

Master bedroom:
- Paint - oh, how I want to cross this off. Still not done though
- Buy a king-sized bed Completed 4/1/12
- Make headboard

Nursery/Guest Bedroom 1/Craftroom
- Paint Completed 4/8/12
- Build desk/storage
- Paint dresser
- Make pillows for futon
- Closet storage
- Replace closet doors with curtains
- Decorate/art

Guest Bedroom 2 (currently occupied by roommate until April 6th)
- Put our current bed here when we get our king-sized bed Completed 4/6/12
- Decorate
- Paint?

- Remove trees and shrubs that offend Dan in any way
- Install awning on front porch and in backyard to shield master bedroom windows
- Remove built-in brick grill
- Buy patio furniture - unfortunately I went the cheap route, so we'll be in the market for something sturdier again
- Plant flowers in front of porch wall

- Exterior and motion-sensored lighting
- Paint house - the paint has been purchased, it's just a matter of doing it
- Install front security door
- New house numbers
- Install floor-boards in over-garage attic for additional storage
- Install sun-blocking screens on East- and West-facing windows

Phew! I'm tired all over again just thinking about it all. It's really exciting to see how much we've done to make our house our home. Can't wait for what the next year brings!


Shana said...

Congrats!!! It's amazing to see what you've gotten done. Just know that you will never, ever be finished. Welcome to living the dream of homeownership!

Allyson said...

WOW! Brooke!! That is a helluva list. I can't believe how much you've done in a year. Also, looking at that, I can't believe how much we haven't done in a year. Although, I guess to be fair, we haven't been up there that much. Congrats on getting so much accomplished though. Replacing anything in a house is a major pain in the ass and you have so many of those done!

Also...cork all the way!!

Jen Vogt said...

Wow, I'm truly impressed! I need to hire you and Dan to come fix up the new house this summer. Because holy disaster, Batman. And I'm pretty sure everything on your list is on our list and more...which means you have all the experience necessary. I promise to feed you well and have plenty of booze and laughter on hand. Please please please?? :)

Brooke said...

Deal, Jen :)