Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Hot-box

The last six weeks, we've had problems with our air conditioning unit. The apartment is constantly hot, and our electricity bill is through the roof (you could cool a 4 bedroom house with a pool and jacuzzi for what we're paying). It was nothing like this last year, and we've done everything to get to the bottom of it. Our apartment hasn't gotten below 76 degrees (which is fine for me, but hot for him) since May. Even then, that's only early morning. It's usually between 78 and 80. We're so tired of being hot. So I'm going today to look at 2-bedrooms in the same complex. It'll be nice to have the extra space since wedding stuff will soon be taking over our lives and our space. We also haven't had a place to paint or be creative in a long time. Though I'm excited for extra space, I wonder how much sense it makes to move from one apartment to another in the same complex - having to deal with address changes (of just an apartment number) and moving boxes isn't very appealing. Plus, with considering buying a house, we may have to turn around and do it all again in just a few months. But I think we'll both be happier, and hopefully much cooler.

I also got the invitations addressed last night! Well, most of them anyway. Talk about nerve-wracking. I was stressed out worrying about screwing them up, but I think they're alright. Luckily I ordered plenty of extra envelopes. We'll have to wait until we know our new address before I can finish them, but it's good to have the addressing part out of the way.

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