Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Casino Night

Paisley went to PetSmart yesterday for their Casino Night party. I take her to day camp now and then so that she can let off some steam and play all day. When it's cool out, I take her to the dog park everyday, but it's not advisable during the summer, especially for dogs like pugs with short snouts. Even though she's also part beagle, I prefer not to take chances. So anyway, she went to Casino Night. And here's the pic:

She looks like she got caught doing something naughty, doesn't she?

Last night was round two of boot camp. It went much better than my first night. I was more hydrated and knew what to expect. While I only got through 1 round of calisthenics the first night, I got through 2 last night, and managed to do every exercise with only two breaks near the end.

I came home to Mr. Kingston finishing up a delicious pasta dinner. When I was finished, he ran me a hot bubble bath, lit me a candle, and told me to relax. It was great, so relaxing. My muscles felt so much better. I'm a bit sore today, but mostly just slow and tight. Hopefully the protein and water today will help. I've definitely been in worse pain after a training session, so if this is the worst, I'll take it.

And unfortunately, I have time to blog right now because my Murano has a dead car battery. Mr. Kingston's just arrived to help me get it started, but I'm already late for work. I hope this isn't just the first of many obstacles today.

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Karen said...

Love reading your story - boot camp sounds just like its name - you're absolutely right, he is a good man! Just 82 more days!!!