Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Paisley has a new dress

Mr. Kingston's mom bought Paisley a really cute new dress. Yes, we dress our puggle from time to time. She has some cute stuff - an "I love my mom" shirt, a Christmas elf outfit, an Easter dress, and a jacket. She even went to a luau party at PetSmart day camp and got dressed as a hula girl. Okay, we're really not nuts, we just love to spoil our pup :) She's our baby.
Mr. Kingston's wedding band was too big, and we have our first official snag. It isn't a big deal, but tungsten can't be resized so we have to exchange it. It's just more inconvenient than if we'd chosen a traditional metal.
And I finished my paper last night. Only 10 days of class left. It'll be hectic with packing for the move, but if I manage my time well, it'll all get done.

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