Friday, May 28, 2010

We're going on tour!

One of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts I received for graduation was a trip for two from my parents. It was very exciting to receive, as we have quite a list of places we'd like to visit. Deciding where to go can be difficult for us. We're not beach people, so California and Florida aren't a huge interest. I'd love to go see NYC in the winter and visit Rockefeller Center and the huge tree, but that' a pricey trip. As we're trying to save for our next home (whether it be rented or owned) we wanted something budget friendly. Therefore, a trip to see family would fit the bill. And so we've decided on...

Baltimore!! Charm City, U.S.A! Home of Charm City Cakes, the National Aquarium, the Baltimore Ravens, and my blogging knottie buddy, Salt!! We are definitely meeting up. Oh, and my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law live there too :)

My sister also gifted us money toward a trip to see her and my future brother-in-law (yay!) in Seattle. We'll probably go in mid-September, but we don't have dates hammered out yet. Dan's never been there and I've been there only fairly briefly, so it will be a lot of fun to go together.

We may be stuck in Phoenix for the entire hot, brutal summer, but we've got trips to save for and look forward too. Do you have fun future travel plans this summer?


Anonymous said...

You totally should have picked NYC! I mean, I know there is no tree here now, but if you come to my house I can show you pictures of what it looks like...which is almost the same, but with less tourists! And with J's air conditioning needs, it feels just like Rock Center in the middle of December.

BTW - I love that your brother and sister in law were second to hanging out with Salt!

Salt said...

I am doing the happiest, spazziest dance right now reading this!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!! We are going to have the best best best time.

October is a really good time to come here. It's not really cold yet and we have this kind of late summery, leaves changing type of thing going on.

We only have several months to plan out what kind of trouble we are going to get into. We should start now!

Brooke said...

We should totally start planning now! I love it - I'll get there and they'll be all, "what do you guys wanna do?" and I'll be all, "I'm hanging with Salt. Car keys, please?" And they'll be all, "whuh?" Yeeeah. It'll be just like that. I'm super excited to see this season we've heard about but never experienced called Fall.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Have fun - can't wait to hear the stories about your escapades with Salt!

Meghan said...

I absolutely adore Baltimore! So many great restaurants and places to hang! Enjoy!