Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monkeys and moonshine

When I wrote my post about our money matters, I completely forgot about another perk to having separate accounts. Sometimes, it's downright funny. You see, today, I got a notification that Dan had transferred money to me for the phone bill. When I went to open it, I discovered that my darling husband had apparently paid me for "moonshine." Funny. So then I looked back at all deposits from his account to mine, and he's also paid me for monkeys, a fake leg, happy endings, dildos, and love (back when he was sweet). It certainly made my day to rediscover them, and now I've got to figure out some good ones to use in the future.

I'll have to think of something really good to label my Murano payment this month. Any ideas?


Salt said...

How fun is that!? I think Mike and I should try it. We have separate accounts also. :)

Hmmmm Murano payment...how about a football helmet autographed by Bill Cosby?

Anonymous said...

That's great!!! Happy endings really got me laughing!

Karen said...

Ah, you gotta love his sense of humor. Way to go Dan.