Sunday, May 9, 2010

Graduation Staycation

This weekend was our much anticipated stay at the Arizona Grand Resort in celebration of my graduation (it's official - an A on the final assignment and a B overall). My mom met me at home Friday after work and took Paisley and Clover home with her. Dan got home shortly after and we packed up our stuff and then headed to Walmart for drinks and snacks. My mom had given us a beach bag with wine and goodies - and a gift certificate for a trip to a destination of my choice. Yay, more vacation!

The first thing Dan did was turn the thermostat down to 60. With free AC, he was bound and determined to not be hot a single moment in that room. We got ready and went to Rustler's Rooste for steak and great views of the city. The place is a really touristy Wild West restaurant and live music. We went there for 4th of July when we were dating - the food wasn't so great last night, but it was absolutely delicious this time around. We were out kind of late and had another drink when we got back before hitting the hay.

Saturday was our big fun day. We went to Olive Garden for lunch, ran a couple quick errands and headed back to the hotel. We'd hoped that friends would be able to come enjoy the water park at the resort with us, but no one was able to come. So we went by ourselves and took advantage of the lazy river and pool bar. We'd brought a bunch of adult beverages in an ice chest thinking we'd have our own little supply of drinks for the day at the pool. As it turns out, the resort isn't located in Rocky Point, Mexico and you can't just wheel your ice chest down and park it next to the wave pool. After hanging out at the water park and then the pool next to our room, we took naps and then got ready for dinner. We got dressed up and went to Aunt Chilada's for some super tasty Mexican food.

Today, we spent Mother's Day with Dan's mom. We dropped our stuff off at home, then took her to lunch. We all then went to Scott and Melissa's for Family Art Funday. I wasn't feeling my painting, though, so my daisy remains unfinished. Tonight, we're going to just take it easy and get ready to go back to the grind tomorrow.

I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. I really missed seeing mine today, but I get to see her tomorrow when I get the pups back.


Meghan said...

Congrats on graduating! Your getaway sounds like so much fun and so well-deserved!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Congrats - glad you had a good time. We need to plan a time to meet up to celebrate your graduation!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on graduating! It must feel so great to know you are done. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing weekend too.