Friday, May 14, 2010

Cookie weekend

It's a cookie weekend. I had three "orders" for cookies this week. And a cake order. Eek! And I call them orders because I'm actually being paid. Cool! I made these sweet baby cookies for Eli's 10th day party. I'm really excited to go and see Fariba & Eli, meet Fariba's Afghani family, and find out what this 10th day tradition is all about (I can't even find a name for it). I made blue, yellow, and white onesies, bibs and E's. They're pretty much my favorite cookies that I've ever made, and they're far cuter in person.

I also made dollar signs for a finance group here at the office. My coworker handed me money a couple weeks ago and said "here, make us something." Alrighty then. Finance people... hmm, dollar signs! Dan had chosen the cookie cutter months ago and it was my first chance to use it.

I still have some Philadelphia Eagles cookies to make by Monday. A coworker has been out on sick leave for a while and is returning on Monday. His admin asked me to make him cookies for his return. I'm going to do footballs, jerseys, and helmets. Hopefully they come out half as good as my inspiration from A Dozen Eggs:

I also have to do a cake for Fariba (Eli's mom). Her nieces are turning 2 and 3 and she requested a Tinkerbell cake similar to this one from Coolest Birthday Cakes . Only she specified there must be pink, so I'll be putting it in place of the yellow on this inspriration cake. I'm also thinking of using fondant for the petals of the skirt to avoid the pain-in-the-ass that is so much butter cream once it starts to melt.

So that's what I've got going on this weekend: A LOT of baking and decorating. What will you be up to?


And now, a Dan Funny. I woke up with a headache. No, not a hangover. Like a pressure headache, supper annoying. Also, he calls me Henry to his coworkers. They ask about Henry, not Brooke. As in "what are you and Henry doing this weekend?"

So I told him my head felt awful and asked if he'd stuffed cotton candy in my noggin while I was sleeping. His response: "No, I would have eaten cotton candy if I had it. Henry, you know better than that." I thought it was funny, mostly because it's true. Dan would not have wasted good cotton candy on my head.


Salt said...

Wait...Henry is my brother...ARE WE RELATED!?

Wow you definitely have a busy baking weekend, but how cool is it that you are getting these jobs!? Make sure to take pics of everything and make a baking portfolio! Maybe you could set it up as a separate blog!

As much as I hate the Eagles, those cookies are so cool.

Meghan said...

I am in love with your creations and cannot wait to see how they turn out!!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cute cookies Henry! I can't wait to see the Eagles ones - I may have to make some for Mr. ESPN since that is his and Chatty's favorite team!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies are so adorable. You did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see pics of your other creations.