Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heidi, take the blue pill

I don't begin to fancy myself as a recapper, but seriously, WTF The Hills? I admit, I was addicted to Laguna Beach when it came out eons ago, back when a girl named Lauren had a crush on a boy named Stephen (whom I served salad to, BTW). And now I'm addicted to The Hills. I feel bad for Kristin though - she gets everyone's sloppy seconds, from Lauren's show to Justin Bobby. But even more uncomofrtable to watch than Audrina and Krisitn fight over that tool Brody Jenner is the trip to Crazy Town that Heidi and Spencer Pratt are currently on.

So it was cute when they used to walk around Hollywood and pose and pout about stuff for attention.

It was cute when Heidi fancied herself a singer and squawked around on the beach like a seagull for her music video, shot with Spencer's cell phone camera.

It was even semi-cute when Heidi went and got her first round of plastic surgery. She did look more polished as Heidi 2.0. But now, they have gone off the deeeeep end, folks. Especially with the dawning of Heidi 3.0. Here's a little before and after on our dear Heidi. You can't tell, but she has size F tatas. EFFFsss!! On a tiny 115 pound frame.

But now she's shocked us all again. Last night's episode had them at a club talking about crystals and their powers. By powers, I mean Heidi had a crystal that could reportedly help her open her mind to intelligent people while protecting her in a war zone. Riiiight. And, Spencer is proud of the fact that he's cut her off from the TV, internet, and phone, and all she does is write poetry, pray, and play with puppies. She's been "unplugged from the Matrix." Even more disturbing, Heidi sits down with her friends after their night at the club and said that "every guy likes to be a little controlling and that's okay." It's no surprise that it's being publicized that Spencer forced the surgeries on her. Ummmm... is anyone else concerned?

I realize that this is "reality" television and a lot of Heidi and Spencer's antics are easily publicity stunts, but how is this being allowed to go on? Surgery isn't like acting crazy - this stuff can't be undone. Surely, this is going to far, and MTV is glorifying it. And why do I find it so entertaining? Shamefully, I'm still hopelessly glued to the TV on Tuesdays to see how much crazier they can get. Anyone else?


Salt said...

Sadly enough, I have heard that their crazy train is being derailed by the Hills producers who reportedly don't want to give them any more airtime.

If this isn't all some big stunt (which I think it's well past the point of being) I don't think she'll be around too much longer unfortunately. Like at all.

MrsCaptKerk said...

This show is one of the reasons I wish I had cable, and am glad I don't have cable.

As much as I love bad reality tv, I don't have the patience for this show.

I did love Laguna, though. I was a Trey girl, myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch The Hills. But that girl is a hot mess. What's up with her face now...I mean, I know it's entirely made of plastic at this point, but the complete lack of facial expression is frightening. She looks like one of those Realdolls. Even Nicole Kidman can smile once in a while.

And do I want to punch that guy in the face. I don't know what it is...just his smarmy looking face, I think. There are a lot of people I dislike, but I've never before hated someone just from looking at his face.