Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Years

It's amazing how much life has changed in two years. 729 days ago, I was a single girl living the single life. I had a brand new puppy who was literally my world at the time. I had a new job, new apartment, and a new perspective on what I wanted out of a relationship. And then, two years ago today, I went to a baby shower. I laid eyes on my husband for the first time and life has been so wonderfully different ever since.

I remember he looked intimidating with the tattoos and gaged ears, but had a sweet smile and kind eyes. We exchanged a few glances. Two days later when our mutual friend told me their friend thought I was cute and described him, I was excited. When he didn't call in 10 days, I stalked her myspace and found him. Not my typical MO, but I was really curious. We went on a date some days later (we don't remember when) and I discovered that the book was definitely kinder, sweeter, and more shy than the cover.

If you had told me two years ago today that I'd be married right now, I wouldn't have believed you. I would have thought you were crazy. It's still surreal sometimes, in the greatest way. Dan has changed my perspective on many things, and brought so much joy and love to my life. He's shown me what unconditional love for another person is all about. This has been the best two years, and we have our whole lives ahead of us.

If you're reading, Buddy, I love you. Thank you for being the most incredible husband and best friend a girl could ask for. You are my sunshine.

The first photo of us ever taken on my 27th birthday.


Salt said...

Awwww happy 2 year anni Mr. and Mrs. K!!!! You guys are the cutest couple in the world. :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! Happy 2 years together and I hope you have a hundred more.