Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clover and Paisley decorate their crate

It's no surprise that Clover and Paisley get into things. I've gone through about 30 pairs of flip flops in the 2 years since Paisley came to live with me. Clover loves to go for really fun stuff, like phone chargers that happen to still be plugged into the wall. They also enjoy the fine art of shredding paper and "killing" their stuffed animal friends. We've banned fluffy toys in the house since Paisley's illness since even though she didn't have a bowel obstruction, the scare of potential surgery was enough to make me go all Mommy Dearest "No fluffy toys!" on their little puggle asses. So you can imagine the mini heart attack I had when I came home to this yesterday:

Those are our little darlings sitting amongst the entire contents of their dog bed that we keep in Mega Crate. Yeeeeah, awesome. I waited for Dan to get home before starting on the clean-up of that one. Sure enough, he started picking up the fluff. Lo and behold, he discovered that they hadn't ripped the bed open, they'd unzipped it. So thankfully, we didn't have to buy a new bed, but we now know that we have magic dogs that unzip things. We're officially screwed.


Salt said...

OMG. Step one in them taking over the world. Next thing you know they are going to figure out how to unlock that crate!

Awww look at how cute they are though!

JMJE said...

They are pretty talented to know how to work a zipper. I have lost a couple flip flops to my dog, Hobie.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing because I am in the same boat. My girls have a really vicious streak when it comes to stuffed animals. They tear those suckers apart like it's their job and once they start in they don't stop until a limb has been detached. I am forever picking up fuzz from the floor. In fact, this morning they managed to find fuzz in a toy that I thought I'd take all the fuzz out of.

Good luck with the bed situation. We've gone through about 10 beds already and I finally called it quits. Now they lay on a blanket and while they've chewed the edges they don't have must interest in the destruction of it. I guess it's not as much fun when there's no mess!