Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Hey there! Wow, hard to believe it's been a whole 5 days since I posted last. I guess that's what happens when people at work don't annoy me and I don't have a wedding to plan :)

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Dan cleaned my car on Saturday and I took the pups to the dog park, read, cleaned, and napped. When he got home, Dan and I went to see our friends Jenn and Jim and to watch the UFC fights on pay-per-view. Not really my thing, but it was fun to get together with them. We also watched the movie Zombieland. Shocking, right? Me and scary movies generally don't mix. And when I say "scary movies," I include E.T., Jurassic Park, and the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Augustus Gloop getting sucked up the choclate river tube = terrifying). Yeah, I'm a wuss. But Zombieland was actually funny. I can handle gore without a problem, it's the suspense and jumpy moments I don't with well. This movie had few of those.

On Sunday, we hung out in the morning, ran a couple of errands, and went to lunch with friends at an Irish pub. After a few pitchers of Blue Moon (yum!) we headed home to pick up some movies (including Zombieland). As we'd been out late the night before with no chance to nap (and maybe I had an Irish Car Bomb, maybe) I was crashed out on the couch by 8:30. Yes, people, a a month before my 29th birthday, I'm officially declaring myself "Old."

Monday was a very relaxing day. Dan had to do a job he'd set up, and I lazed around with the pups, did some straightening up and surfed the interwebs. We took it easy when he got home and just enjoyed the extra day off. Very uneventful, but a great way to end the weekend, watching Intervention with my hubby.

Things have been going great with Clover, I must say. The trainer's suggestions have made her potty time much easier on us all. Instead of having to walk her for 20 or 30 minutes until she gave in and did her business, she now knows that when we go outside, there's only one thing we're therefore. It's a lot less stressful. I've been out of the house around 7 every morning, getting me to work nice and early so I can get out at 4 or 4:30 and not feel like I have no time to unwind at home before dinner and then bed. It's much better, all around.


Salt said...

I'm so glad C's getting under control with her pottying! That dog whisperer was well worth it. :)

It sounds like you had a fun weekend filled with drinks. Much like mine. And yep...I'm too old and still feeling it today.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Being old isn't so bad - I know from experience! Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend!

Meghan said...

There's nothing wrong with crashing at 8:30 after some Blue Moon:) Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Last night we were on the train and I asked J if we could go to be at 8:30. We are old too.

I agree that Zombieland was pretty funny. I expected it to be much scarier, but I love scary movies. The Bill Murray scenes were the best!