Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Moments in Fashion

Yesterday was a lot more fun than I anticipated, although I was ready to leave about an hour earlier than we did. We followed Phil Mickleson for a few holes, had some great food, and had a couple drinks. All in all, a very nice afternoon.

There were, however, a few things I couldn't help but notice as we were walking around. I present to you, the Fashion Trends of the 2010 Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Knee High Boots
Don't get me wrong, I've been wanting a pair of these babies (though I'm late in the season). They'd look cute with dresses or skirts and some adorable accessories. They're perfect for the office or a night out. But for a golf course? Um, no. I saw so many girls wearing boots similar to these yesterday:

Apparently, these poor girls had never heard of golf before and didn't realize that the game is played on grassy hills. What possessed these women to wear spikey heels of any sort is beyond me. I have to say, it was really entertaining watching them trying to look pretty while climbing hills to follow the action. Not to mention, it was very sunny and probably in the mid to high 70's yesterday. I can't imagine the sweating going on in those boots. Blech.
Plastic bra straps
I thought we agreed like 5 years ago that these were trashy, did we not? So, ladies, you've got some tatas you need holding up and you want to work on your tan line at the same time. I can appreciate wanting to get some color. But really, those bras with the clear straps are just not attractive. While I'm not well endowed, I have some friends who are, and they've managed to find some great supportive strapless bras that could really be helpful to you. They might cost a bit of money, but they're certainly worth it.
And what were these fabulous bras seen with?
Clubbing clothes
It was quite obvious yesterday that the draw for some ladies with this golf tournament is the prospect of meeting a golfer and seducing him in the hopes he'll throw some money or a steak dinner with a side of bragging rights their way. I swear, I saw some girls in outfits I wouldn't wear out on the fanciest Saturday night of my life. I totally get wanting to look nice while you're flirting and golf clapping and sipping on margaritas, but let's think about what appropriate attire is. There's really no reason to be strutting around in a sparkly top with a neckline that plunges to your belly button.
Maybe I just don't get it, or I've never wanted to snag a golfer badly enough. I honestly don't comprehend what would possess the girls I saw yesterday to wear some of the outfits I saw. I realize this is a golf tournament with a reputation for being rowdy. But since when can you not get your crazy on in clothing that doesn't run the risk of a peep show or shoes that don't turn you into a human lawn dart?
Ah well, at least I was comfy. But I did come back with a little sunburn... in the shape of the necklace I was wearing. Beautiful.


Anonymous said...

J and I always play the "Really???" game when we go out. We walk around and when we see a chick at a golf tournament in spike heels...we'll just yell out "Really???" It's entertains us. It sounds like the people watching was as good as the golf.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


Amanda said...

I see this A LOT living in a college town. Like the other day it was VERY cold in town and we saw this girl pumping gas in a tank top and spiked heels and no coat! I was like, dude, you must be freezing your butt off! What price beauty, as my Dad used to tell us!