Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweet Friday

Happy Friday!! This week has seemed so long. The days went by fairly fast (except yesterday, because I had a sore throat), but the week itself seemed to drag on endlessly. But it's finally Friday. I brought these sweet treats into work today:

I'm really happy with how my hearts and love notes came out. In case 6 dozen sugar cookies weren't enough I made 4 dozen Tollhouse break-apart chocolate chip cookies and mixed them in. I dispersed them around the office this morning - I hope everyone enjoys them and has a sweet Friday. I also dropped off a plate with Clover at the vet this morning. Our little girl is getting spayed today. Our vet is awesome and I really like the vet techs, so I added white paw prints to a few of the pink hearts and fixed them a plate.

This weekend will be lazy and uneventful. If Clover is anything like Paisley was after surgery, she'll be groggy and nauseous tomorrow. Except for an oil change, I plan to stay home with her all day tomorrow. Sunday, I have a haircut appointment and that's the extent of my plans. I'm still not feeling too well, but I hope that I'll be able to go for a run at least once this weekend. We're not doing anything Valentine's-y since we don't celebrate it, but we'll chill with the pups and probably paint or play video games. Sounds like a perfect and lovely weekend to me.


Salt said...

We aren't doing anything valentiney either. Those cookies look SO GREAT! The love notes are adorable. I'm sure you are everyones' BFF this morning!

Very sweet of you to fix some up for the vet too! I hope Clover's surgery goes well. How has she been keeping up with the housetraining?

KingstonsQueen said...

Eh, she's up and down with the house training. We have good days and bad days. She gets bits and pieces - like she knows to go to the door when I say "let's go outside." I've seen some pee on the floor and then run to the door. She's getting it, just slowly. One of the vet techs told me this morning that it took her 2 years to house-break her dog, so I don't feel like such a failure anymore.

Anonymous said...

The cookies came out great. I like the love notes because they are different.

I hope Clover makes a quick recovery. When Sofie was spayed we had to leave her overnight. She was totally fine with it but it was very traumatic for me.

Have a great, relaxing weekend.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Way too cute lady! I made some last night and plan to ice them with the girls tomorrow afternoon. I will try to rmemember to take pictures.