Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm taking a quick break from taxing and spreadsheeting and saw a short and sweet survey posted by Shan at Fumbling Towards Normalcy. Feel free to join me in a mini-break

2 Names that you go by

1. Brookelyn - even though Lynn isn't my middle name, some friends still use the nickname

2. Li'l Buddy – that’s what Dan calls me. He's Buddy.

2 Things that you are wearing right now

1. My chic and sophisticated Vera Wang Glasses

2. Ballet flats, of course

2 Things that you did last night

1. Went to dinner with the boss, coworker, and auditors

2. Went to bed early - it was glorious

2 Pets that I have had - I'm going with pets other than Paisley and Clover, since they get lots of "air time"

1. Pumpkin – my first dog that I got when I was 5. We got him around Halloween, hence the name Pumpkin. He drowned in our pool my freshman year of college. My friends with a sense of humor asked if he was a sinker or a floater. Poor guy.

2. Forrest – my cat that still lives at my parents' house. The runt of the litter, I named him after Forrest Gump

2 of my fave things to do

1. Go out for breakfast on weekends

2. Play video games with Dan

2 Things that you want to do badly

1. Be a mom

2. Go on a vacation. At this point, I don't care where or for how long. A break would be nice. Plain and simple.

Last 2 things that you ate

1. Breakfast burrito - Bad Brooke!

2. Filet mignon and a baked potato - mmmmm

Last 2 people you spoke to

1. My coworker

2. I was IMing Mrs. ESPN at work - does that count?

2 Things you are doing tomorrow

1. Working

2. Possibly going to lunch with old coworkers to discuss LOST

2 of the longest trips that you have taken

1. Rochester area, NY - we used to go for a month at a time when I was young

2. I went on a weeklong business trip to Boise, Idaho. That was about the longest trip of my life.

2 Of your favorite beverages

1. Coke Zero

2. Pinot Noir

Have a Happy Tuesday!!


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Sweet you got a nice dinner out! More than we got!

Anonymous said...

My friend keeps trying to convince me that I should move to Boise, Idaho, but I think, no, I'll stay in NY. Especially after your ringing endorsement!