Monday, March 1, 2010

It's cake class day!!

I am uber-excited for my first Wilton cake class this evening! I'm also excited to get to do something just for me. Mrs. ESPN got me the class and the class kit as a bridal shower gift back in August and I finally have time to take it. I went to the store with Dan yesterday to pick up the rest of the supplies (like creepy clown heads) and treated myself to a pastry tip caddy for my (literally) 20 or so decorating tips. Right now all my cookie and cake decorating stuff lives in a plastic three-drawer rolling dresser thing that resides in what was the wedding closet. I'm debating a portable caddy for my stuff, but haven't decided yet what exactly I want. I decided, though, that my pastry tips definitely need a better home than a ziplock baggy. I think of them as an investment, since they're one of the only things that don't get used up in making cookies, so I need to take good care of them.

Our weekend was great - I got in a lot of naps. Dan had to work a job pretty much all day Saturday, so I got up with The Girls and then went back to sleep until noon. We spent our evening eating delicious leftovers and watching the Food Network. Yesterday, we took a family nap in the morning and then went to get cake supplies and had a late lunch at our favorite Mexican place. I took another nap with Paisley in the evening while Dan painted.

I also got my first graduation communication from my grad school. I'm getting very excited. Even though I won't walk the stage and graduate, the end is very near. Graduation at the school is May 8th and my last assignment is due May 3rd - that's a mere 9 weeks away!

Today is the beginning of close at work, and I'm just hoping it goes more smoothly than last month. There were some changes to our process in January that made me a little angsty come Friday, so cross your fingers this week is better. I have cake class tonight and Thursday, so I need to get runs in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Have fun at class. I've been wanting to take one of those classes, but they are never at a good time for me.

I hope your closing goes smoothly.

JMJE said...

I took the first Wilton class at Michaels. It was pretty fun but I was not the best at cake decorating. I don't think I was being patient enough. Some people in my class got pretty good though.