Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Art Funday

We had a really fun couple of days this weekend. Obviously, my tattoo was finished, and though I'm pretty sore, I'm very happy to have it done. After my session was done on Saturday, my dear husband treated me to Chili's. Unfortunately, I was so worn out and tired - it's actually exhausting laying there still and tense for 4 hours - (and perhaps a bit tipsy from my edge-removing spiked Sprite) that I wasn't very hungry and slept most of the way home and then took a nap. But we did get in some Guitar Hero when I returned to the Land of the Living.

Yesterday was an awesome day. After sleeping in until 7 (thanks, Clover!!) we headed out to Scott and Melissa's for their Family Art Funday. Melissa is an amazingly talented painter, tattooer, and all around artist. She'd painted some simple skulls and it was decided that Scott, Dan, and I would try our best to replicate them. I have never been very good at realism or copy work, so I was a little anxious, but it was actually really fun. Scott's dad has gotten interested in Bob Ross style paintings ("happy little trees") and worked on his second canvas yesterday. Even Melissa's son, Dawson worked on painting his rocket ship (and then took 50 pictures on my camera). Melissa worked on an awesome large-scale Heath Ledger Joker piece that she's doing for a client - it's truly incredible to watch her work and transform a canvas into something amazing. I'll have to post pictures or our finished works later, but Dan already hung them proudly over his desk in the guest bedroom. We're excited to start painting together - it's really cool to share that artistic interest with my husband.

This week begins close week at work, so it'll be long and tedious, especially toward Thursday and Friday. Hopefully it goes by quickly and without too many complications. I didn't get to my cookies this weekend, so I'm going to fit them in either this week or Saturday.

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