Thursday, October 1, 2009

This month...

...we get married! Amazing. I can't believe it's here. It should be a great weekend. I'm off on another company sponsored mental health day. Paisley's getting her shots updated in preparation for being boarded for the wedding. I've got my last hair cut as a single woman. I'm having lunch with Kristi and Baby Connor. With just about everything scratched off the to-do list, I can actually enjoy my day, and my weekend. My parents will come up on Sunday to hang out with us. It'll be happy to see them, but also emotional as it will be our last visit with them before the wedding day.

Also this month - and on our wedding day - is Mr. Kingston's 25th birthday. He jokes he'll never have another birthday his whole life, which makes thinking about him telling our grandchildren that he's 25 pretty amusing. I hope to also make his birthday special and not forgotten over the years. I'm very excited about his gift, and I hope he really likes it. Since his groom's cake is also kind of a birthday cake I hope he really likes that, too. I know no matter what, it'll be a fun day.

We also have a lot of other birthdays in the family this month. I have 5 cousins (including biological and spouses) with birthdays, 2 of whom were married on their joint birthday. Our groomsman's girlfriend's son turns 6, and Kristi celebrates her birthday at the end of the month. Considering how scatter-brained I've been, I hope I remember them all. And there are probably more I'm missing, too.

I'll have a busy month even aside from the Big Event in 15 days. I have a midterm due for school on Monday. I also have a project due on the 13th. The good thing is that once the next two weeks is over, things will be smooth sailing for a little over two weeks before my next school assignment is due. I was a little worried about doing school this semester with everything else going on, but so far it's all worked out really well. my reading assignments are very managable and I don't have quizzes every week like I used to. So there's wiggle room if I need to set it aside for a few days and then catch up.

I'd also like to participate in Bake at 350's Flavor of the Month: Pumpkin event. Basically, I'd bake and share a recipe with pumpkin in it. Not too hard, but I'd like to think of something creative if I do it. So if you have ideas...

So here's to an amazing October, for everyone!

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