Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Clover!

Mr. Kingston and I had been talking for some time about getting another puppy as a sibling for Paisley. We agreed that the new pup would be our wedding gift to each other and have been waiting for the right time and the right litter. Well, we finally struck gold. Here is our wedding pup, Clover:

She's currently 7 weeks old. We'll get to bring her home on October 18th, two days after our wedding. Fortunately, I'll be off Monday and Tuesday, so I'll be home to help with the adjustment. When I got Paisley, I (stupidly, in hindsight) got her on a Sunday and went to work on Monday. This should be a better transition.

We had a great weekend all around. Saturday we were kind of lazy all day, but cleaned and straightened up. My sister and her boyfriend are staying with us the Wednesday before the wedding and I had some stuff to clear out of our guest bedroom. Yesterday, my parents visited, and my mom brought dinner. We had a very nice evening chatting and I showed them all the wedding stuff. My mom also brought the box for the wine ceremony that my grandmother made. She has all the pictures, so I don't have one to post, but it exceeded my expectations. It's beautiful. Only 11 days to go!

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