Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too excited to sleep...

Remember that Disneyland commercial with the cute little kids that were too excited about their trip to Disney to sleep? And then it turned out their dad was having the same problem? Wasn't that little boy just the cutest thing ever laughing as he lisped "I'm too ec-thited to sweep!" Yeah, well, sleep deprivation is not cute in actuality. I'd been told that getting sleep the night before the wedding would be difficult. That's to be expected. I was told to secure a half dose of Ambien just to help me get some Z's.

No one told me I'd go weeks without a restful night's sleep. Last night was the worst. I tossed and turned for at least an hour after going to bed. Paisley woke up at 2:40 needing water. Of course, that meant playing her little game of drinking water and then running around in circles between the dining room table and coffee table before scampering back to bed, where she jumps on Mr. Kingston and then burrows under the covers right where I was laying. So then I couldn't fall back to sleep. And as per usual, I woke up at 5:30, an annoying half hour before the alarm is set to go off. I should have taken Tylenol PM last night - it's helped a few times when I'm really tired. It turns my brain off when I can't. Stupid me. Mr. Kingston snoozed away in a Nyquil induced coma (he's been fighting something for a week) while I stared at the wall.

I can only hope that sleep finds me again on Friday night after all the excitement is over. I can't even really nap because to-do lists (of things already done) run through my head. So send some sleepy vibes my way in hopes that I can wake up Friday morning refreshed and vibrant for my wedding day.

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saltsays said...

Oh no!!!! You must be exhausted. Friday night you are probably going to crash like you have never crashed in your life. :)