Friday, October 9, 2009

Lasts and firsts

This is a week of “lasts” in many ways. We're down to the last 7 days. Last night, we had our last Wine and Office Thursday before getting married, something that’s been a tradition of ours since early in our relationship. Fittingly, it was the Jim and Pam wedding episode. This is our last weekend before the wedding – it seems like such a milestone. At some point during the week I’ll introduce him as my fiancé for the last time. I’ll use my maiden name for the last time (socially, at least, until the paperwork is done).

This week of “lasts” will be followed by a moment, day, week, and year of “firsts.” Our first kiss, first dance, first morning to wake up as newlyweds. I’ll glance down at not one, but two rings on my left hand. I’ll say “this is my husband” and be called “wife” for the first time. I’ll get to use my new name for the first time. We’ll bring home our first pet that we’ve chosen together. My husband will come home to me in the evening for the first time. We'll go on our first big trip together. We'll send out our first Christmas cards as a married couple. Many things in life will seem brand new, and it’s so exciting! We have our whole lives ahead of us.

Our “last” weekend should be pretty relaxed. Mr. Kingston’s parents are hosting a BBQ for us the day after the wedding and we’re going shopping with them for food and supplies. I may or may not bake some cookies – I made cake balls last night and they were a hit at the office. I have a project to work on for school. With everything for the wedding finished, we get to simply enjoy our time together. I didn't necessarily plan it this way - I feel so fortunate that everything fell into place so easily and allowed us this stress-free weekend. I’m feeling amazingly calm. While my heart still seems to be beating a little faster than usual due to excitement, I’m cool as a cucumber.

I’m so excited for the next 7 days and all that will come with it. Our families and friends will be here before we know it. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of Mr. Kingston’s family and to seeing my own. I can’t wait to see Mija – it feels like she’s been gone such a long time. I feel so honored that so many people are coming from both near and far to share in our day with us.

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saltsays said...

This blog just made me tear up. :)

So many wonderful things are about to start for you. Even though I only know you over the internets, I am so excited for your wedding. I can't wait to see the pictures of how everything came together because it all sounds wonderful and perfect the way you have it planned out!

PS...Totally missed The Office last night, but I heard it was great. And how awesome is it that the wedding episode is the week before your own!