Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

As I predicted in my last post, we had a fun and relaxing weekend. We spent much of Saturday with Mr. Kingston's mom. We went to lunch and then to Costco for BBQ food and supplies, then went shopping. Mr. Kingston needed a new wallet, his mom needed shoes for the wedding, and I was along for the ride. We stopped at Old Navy and I got a cute top and we all got party blowers for their 15th birthday celebration. Mr. Kingston had me laughing so hard when he was playing with his in the car. I took a video on my phone and watching it still makes me laugh. He's just hilarious. So we had a fun early afternoon.

When we got home, Mr. Kingston hung his collection of tattoo art in the spare bedroom. His tattoo artist, M, is really awesome, and we both really like her watercolor paintings. She even has some of her favorites put on messenger bags and other items. Anyway, I really like Mr. Kingston's collection of her framed art, so I was happy to see it find its home on the wall. We watched the Arizona/Washington football game and looked for Mija and Bing, who were in attendance in Seattle.

Today, Mr. Kingston went to hang out with his groomsman, S, (who is actually dating and has a baby with M) at their home while I worked on my project for school. When I was finished, I went and met up with them and our photographer and his family. Our wedding gift from M&S is a tattoo session for each of us, and Mr. Kingston cashed in on his today. He got a four-leaf clover with a horseshoe and diamond, symbolizing our new pup and good luck in our new adventure. It came out really nicely - M always does amazing work with color. After he was all bandaged up, we all went out for sushi and it was pretty entertaining.

So our weekend wasn't really anything out of the ordinary, and not even really anything to write home about. But it was relaxing and perfect. We laughed a lot and spent great quality time together. I feel like my batteries have been recharged, though I didn't get nearly enough sleep. I couldn't have asked for a better "last" weekend, and I feel so ready for Friday to be here. Only 2 days of work this week and then the festivities begin!

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