Thursday, October 29, 2009

She wears a cupcake collar

So, Clover is officially a spaz. Actually, she's just a hyper puppy, but she looked certifiably insane at training yesterday. In hindsight, it was my mistake. I didn't give her and Paisley enough time to play off some energy before taking her. So she spent much of the hour wiggling around on her back and biting her leash... and then me when I tried to remove said leash from her mouth. When I told Mr. Kingston that some puppy was a psycho at puppy school, he said "I know exactly who you're talking about. She wears a cupcake collar." Yep, that's her. So next week, I'll have to leave work a bit earlier and make sure The Girls get in a good 30 minutes of play. It's another reminder of how very different they are - with Paisley, she was so shy that all she wanted was my attention, so she responded very quickly to commands at training. Clover, however, is a social butterfly and wants to say hello to every being she encounters and couldn't care less that I have steak-shaped treats in my hand. This will be quite an experience.

And I broke my lap top. I dropped it, to be exact. I'm so peeved. Not that it's her fault, but I was carrying it back from the printer in the spare bedroom and Clover ran in front of me. My feet stopped, but my pretty purple lap top kept going... straight onto the floor. Bing spent at least an hour with me last night trying to get the darn thing working. We kept getting the infamous Blue Screen Of Death. He thinks it's probably the motherboard since the computer can still detect the hard drive. So I have to figure out how I'm going to salvage all my pictures. And get through the rest of the school semester without a personal lap top. Just a little extra something I wasn't expecting to deal with.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping to be off on a company sponsored mental health day, but we have a temp (yes, the temp who served as the decoy for my work shower is real) that I may have to train tomorrow, so I may end up in the office. Saturday is Halloween, if y'all didn't know, and I'm hoping we can find something to do. Last year we were at a wedding and then went to a concert. I'm thinking this year Mill Avenue might be fun for people watching. Or maybe we'll stay in, make a yummy dinner and watch the scariest movies I can tolerate. Sunday is my father-in-law's birthday, so we'll do brunch and then probably spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and maybe give Paisley some special time at the dog park.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween weekend!!

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