Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The meeting that wasn't

My friends at work just surprised me with a party! My boss scheduled a meeting with me regarding some work we're bringing in a temp for. He even had me make desk procedures for her to follow. When I got to his office, he said we needed to go get a box. I had seen some coworkers heading to a conference room just before I walked over, so I was a little suspicious. But then again it's close week - everyone has meetings daily. But he kept on blabbing about how they had a timeline for this stuff for the temp and yada yada yada. When we reached the conference room I'd seen my friends go in, then I knew. But it was still a surprise pretty much up until then, and it was so wonderful that they went to the effort of throwing me a celebration and giving me and Mr. Kingston a generous gift. Mr. Kingston will be excited about the left over cherry chip cake, too.

I feel very special this afternoon - I may have a small department, but I realized just how many people I've made friendships with.

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saltsays said...

That is so sweet and thoughtful of them!!

PS: Pffft you are special every afternoon. (I even just gave you a shout out in my blog hehehe!)