Monday, October 5, 2009

My sweet friend Lauren gave me a Kreativ Blogger award! There's a badge for it somewhere but I'm somehow not talented enough to make it show up. So while I'm waiting for a report to run, I decided to do the obligatory 7 Random Things About Me that goes along with it. This could be hard since I did 50 things about me not all that long ago. But we'll give it a shot. Thanks, Lauren!

1. I haven't weighed myself since I started boot camp 10 weeks ago. I still wear the same clothes but my arms look more toned, and I have more stamina, balance, and strength. So even though my goal was to lose weight (which I don't believe I have), I'm happy with the overall changes to my lifestyle and mindset. I'm happier not stressing about my weight. It's been very freeing, and I feel more accepting of myself than I was when I was a pant size smaller.

2. I'm scared of clowns. They really just creep me out.

3. Despite the fact that my mother is what I would consider pretty liberal, I'm fairly conservative. I've discovered that this is different than Republican. I don't align with a political side, I align with my "side" on issues.

4. I did NOT name Paisley after the country singer Brad Paisley. I am asked or hear that probably 1 in 3 times I tell someone her name. Honestly, being a fan of hard rock and metal, the thought of a country singer's name never crossed my mind.

5. If I had the time - and I probably will after I'm done with my masters - I'd get a second job serving tables in a heart beat. I loved it. Working at an upscale steakhouse was some of the most fun I've ever had working.

6. I always wish I'd gotten into photography. The class in high school was always really full, so I never got the chance. But I think it would be awesome.

7. I never get flu shots. I haven't had the flu for as long as I can remember, except maybe ( I never went to the doc) when Mr. Kingston and I got sick last year. Still, I won't be getting one this year.

So that's 7 random things about me. Now I get to play tag.

So, I choose:

Obviously I need to get out there and find more followers...


saltsays said...

I am SO afraid of clowns. I'm glad you understand. AND I've also never gotten a flu shot.

You are awesome!!! <3

Brooke Meyenberg said...

Love the clown bit too. :) I'm right there with ya. Yeah for the Kreativ Blogger award. Nice little surprises like that are so much fun. :)