Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome home, Clover!

We picked up Clover yesterday and brought her home. Well to Mr. Kingston's parents' home, since they invited us over for their famous carne asada. Clover and Paisley seemed to get along well, and played in the house and the yard most of the afternoon. I was completely amazed at how tiny she is - it's hard to believe Paisley was once so small. Here's Paisley with her mini-me:

Last night, the little girl slept until 4am! On her first night home, Paisley was up at 1 and then at 5. Unlike Paisley, Clover wasn't crate trained by her breeder, so I was pretty much prepared for the worst - and a long evening. Luckily though, she tired herself out from whining after only about 5 minutes, and she wasn't too loud. Today, I was home with them, as I will be tomorrow and Wednesday. We made quite a few trips outside, and similar to Paisley, she's not a fan of wet grass. I wanted to see how she'd do if I left her in the crate, since she'll be in it when I go to work. Each time, she quiets down a little faster.

We also have to work on her eating. She was free-fed at her old home, but potty training is easier with scheduled feedings since it can be determined approximately when she needs to be taken out. So I'm trying to give her 4 small meals and get her to eat as much as I can to break her of her grazing habit. Once I go to work, she'll get three meals, and then go down to 2 at about 6 months. Funny thing is, Paisley and Clover seem to only be interested in each other's food. So I don't think Paisley has eaten much today either, since I try to get her to eat her own and she has no interest. Oh well, she'll eat when she's hungry.

I've noticed that Clover is more whiny than Paisley. Not just in the crate - Paisley rarely whined then. But Clover will stand at my feet and whine, for who knows what reason. She's more friendly with people than Paisley though, which is what we were hoping for. Clover also has Paisley's tendency to go after cords, so I can't forget to watch her carefully. Paisley was a little too rough with Clover at first, but now she seems more gentle. Clover got her with her sharp little baby teeth and Paisley didn't like it too much. But it's good for Clover to learn not to bite so hard during play if the consequence is a yelp and losing her playmate. Luckily, Paisley doesn't seem too jealous. I try to give her lots of love and kisses and special play time when Clover is napping, which is often.

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