Friday, October 23, 2009

We are lucky girls

Can I brag, just for a moment? I have a wonderful husband. He always does sweet thoughtful things for me. He'll run an errand with my car and wash it and fill my gas tank while he's out. He sends me texts during the day just to say hello and that he's thinking of me. He told me to go out and get the KitchenAid mixer he knew I really wanted after the wedding. When I was doing boot camp, he would untie my shoe laces and slip my shoes off when I was sore, then run a bath for me on really rough nights. They're all just little things, but they mean a lot.

Mr. Kingston shows Paisley (and Clover, but this is a Paisley post) lots of love and tenderness, too. He's always loved her, from the moment he met her. Paisley's not the friendliest of dogs. She's a protective little barker and shies away from people. Mr. Kingston's the only man she's never barked at. And he's always done sweet things for her, too. He used to bring her toys and treats and bought her a little jacket so she wouldn't be cold. He made her a shark fin for her costume for Halloween last year. On his birthday last year, she happened to have a vet appointment and he came along. She sat with him the whole time while he whispered to her how good she was being and how it would be over soon. In the mornings, he'll sit and have a chat with her and tell her to be a good girl and he'll play with her when he gets home. They just adore each other.

Anyway, when I got home from work yesterday, she looked funny to me. Her coat, which is normally smooth, was all bumpy. It was like she literally had a rash under her first. My first thought was flea bites, but I didn't see anything on her coat or on the bedding or anything. She also wasn't scratching except for attempting to rub her ear on the carpet. I googled and discovered it was most likely an allergic reaction. I called the animal hospital and was told I could wait and bring her in the next day (it was urgent care hours so it costs more) but if the reaction got worse, she could have issues breathing or swallowing. So off to the vet we went. It was my second trip in two days since Clover had a check-up the day before. Paisley's not a fan of the vet... at all. From the time we get out of the car, she tries to run the opposite way. But she was a trooper - they checked her out and confirmed that it was an allergic reaction and gave her an IV steroid and a Benadryl injection, along with instructions for more Benadryl twice today.

After her big trip to the vet, the little girl was just kind of "blah" which they told me to expect. She played a little with Clover but was just kind of quiet. Since I'd been texting Mr. Kingston about it, he knew that Paisley needed some extra love. As usual, she got excited and squealed and did her happy dance when he got home, but calmed down really quickly. After he got settled, he took the blanket from the couch, folded it neatly, fluffed it, put it on her favorite spot and proceeded to "tuck" her in and tell her she was a brave girl and to feel better. It was one of the sweetest things ever. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but my heart just filled with love for him. He's just going to be a great dad one day, and I'm so happy to have married a man who can be so tender and caring.

Alright, I'm done bragging. For now :)


saltsays said...

I swear I'm going to need a tissue every time I read your blog. That is just so sweet. I didn't realize that you already had Paisley when you and Mr. K. met!

He definitely sounds like such a great guy. Good thing you married him!!

KingstonsQueen said...

:) He's a wonderful guy. I got Paisley just about 2 months before we met. So she's pretty much always known him, but there were other family members and friends she met before Dan that she showed her usual grumpiness to.

Karen said...

You're right, he is a great guy - So glad you found each other!