Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Ins and Outs

Blech .Monday. As much as I love Friday, Monday is full of suckage. And this Monday started off rough. Paisley has had hives all weekend and when her Benadryl wears off, she gets itchy, which never happens. So I had Paisley scratching and crazy and generally restless next to me in bed at 2:00 this morning. We went to the vet and got some medicine, so hopefully it'll take care of it. Anyway, you can imagine I'm more tired on a Monday than I usually am.

We got a lot done this weekend. Dan did a side job for his parents' neighbor all weekend, and I went to Joann Fabrics because they were having an awesome sale. They had a deal where if you spend $50, you'd get a 30% coupon - for regular AND sale price items - to use the next week. So I thought of everything I needed from there and headed off with my list. OF COURSE everything was already on sale, so I couldn't even get to freaking $50 with my fairly-large list, which is awesome, but I still wanted that 30% off. Oh well. Anyway, here's what I did with it.

I'm not really sure who this wreath-loving person I've become is, but I found a super cute summery wreath on Pinterest and followed the links through to find the tutorial. I used yellow yarn to wrap the wreath and felt for the flowers, and finished it with a wooden monogram to make this for the front door:

 The flowers were actually super easy to make, thanks to the tutorial I found on Craft Snob

Next up, I also purchased some spray paint. Spray paint, FYI, might by my new glue gun in terms of most appreciated tool for "crafting." I had seen these really cute lamps at Target and thought they would be really fun in the bedroom to go with the blue/green color scheme we have going on. Unfortunately, I'm a cheap-ass when it comes to things that are not something you use (meaning DO something with, like lamps) so I wasn't keen on the $40 it would cost to purchase them, especially considering we had lamps that work. But what I could justify was a can of spray paint (at 50% off no less, as I had a coupon for Joann, and it was the most expensive thing at regular price, so said 50% off coupon went toward it). So Dan helped me turn my boring black metal lamps into these fun blue versions of themselves:

I'm not crazy about the shade, but with all the money I saved on the lamps themselves, I could replace them for the right price. And here's Paisley chilling with the new addition - you can kind of get a feel for the colors in the room and how the blue ties in.

She digs it. I dig it, too.

(FYI, with this new blogger layout, I can't tell which pics are showing and which aren't, even though the HTML looks right. Considering there's also a firewall to contend with, I'm not sure what you can and can't see. So, sorry if they're not showing up. The wreath is on my FB, and I'll post pics of the lamps, too).

I also got a frame and mat for the awesome print my friend Kathy gave me. I didn't take a picture, but it looks beautiful, and I'll be sure to include a photo of it as I get more of the craft room decorating done.

So that's kind of it for the crafting and my Joann spending. It doesn't seem like much, but I saved over $30 and only spent $40 with everything being on sale and got three things done. Not bad.

I also came "out" about our infertility on Facebook. I was pretty nervous, but I got absolutely nothing but positive feedback and an out-pouring of love from everyone. The jewelry that Allyson created for National Infertility Awareness Week (link in this post) sold very well and I was so happy her project was successful. I'm glad to finally be out and making the conversation about the struggles of infertility one that we should not be ashamed to have.

Oh, and a funny conversation between me and Dan. He did a side job for a neighbor which included spreading some 28 tons of rock, and in the process, he had to remove her mailbox. So yesterday, he went to go put it back in. When we got in the car for him to take me to dinner, there was a pipe laying on the seat.

Me: What's that?
Dan: Conduit. It's for running electrical wires. I used it to reinforce [neighbor's] mailbox
Me: She has an electric mail box?

Yeah. Brains. I got 'em.


Anonymous said...

electric mailbox? you might be on to something! I love hearing about all your fun projects and I absolutely love the lamps. They look fantstic in that color, great idea.

Shana said...

Love the wreath and the lamps. I have some silver ones that I want to spray paint. I'll be emailing you for tips when I get to it.

And the mailbox thing...still makes me laugh three days later!