Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drawestin: Things Storks Bring

DRAWSTIN a Draw Something Linkup with @AmandaAustin and @AwesomeHutch

I was playing Draw Something with a friend the other night, and she got the word "stork." So she drew me a cute little grey-ish stork with an orange beak and feet. Very cute. And the stork, of course, was holding a bundle with a baby inside. I texted her (kind of) jokingly that not all storks bring babies (I've semi told her about our trouble, but not sure if she realized I was serious or not). So anyway, I told her I want the kind of stork that brings a baby elephant and plays a harmonica, like in "Dumbo" (one of the best movies ever, if y'all didn't know). We decided it would be pretty awesome to have a baby elephant deposited in the backyard, and that Clover could be it's mom (which would be HI-larious).

Well, in pure serendipity, for her next turn, she actually go "Dumbo" as a choice, and she drew me this:

Obviously, since she'd just drawn me a stork with a baby I was super confused and started looking for the letters to spell stork. Then I thought maybe the game was broken and was showing me an old drawing but the letters for a new word. And then she started drawing Dumbo, and I just started laughing. Dan thought I was nuts. I love the confused look on Clover's new baby's face.

Well played, Draw Something. Well played.

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Allyson said...

This makes the FB comment make SO much more sense. I would actually like a giraffe deposited in my backyard. We have tall trees. It would all work out OK.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Love it. I remember seeing this one Facebook too and I was super impressed with her drawing skills. I am now picturing Clover mothering dumbo and my day has brightened considerably.