Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Friday Musings

Happy Friday, all! It's felt like a heck of a long week, but it's been a great one. Our coming "out" during National Infertility Awareness Week has been an incredible success - everyone has bee so supportive. Even better, there are ladies who weren't planning to come out, but did when they heard how great the experience was for many of us. I also "celebrated" NIAW by attending my first Resolve group meeting. It was great - it's so nice to meet other women who understand and be able to talk face-to-face.

Alright, on to my musings.

  • I was driving home from a lia sophia party Wednesday night and saw this guy come up weaving between a few other cars and generally going pretty fast behind me at a light. I'm kind of surprised he didn't run it when it turned red. Anyway, he sat there drumming his fingers like he was all impatient at the light and when it turned green, I kind of watched in amazed horror as he (I presume) accidentally put his car into reverse (why was it in park at a light anyway?) and FLOORED it into the car behind him. Maybe slow down a little and have some more patience, eh bud? The time lost sitting at that light was nothing compared to having to pull over and exchange insurance, now was it?
  • Have you all seen the new Kony2012 posters? With the donkey and elephant's heads merged and the line "something we can all agree about?" I can't help but think we're all supposed to elect him President now. I'm willing to bet some idiot will write in his name on a ballot somewhere.
  • I downloaded an app to make notes of random musings, and the only thing in it this week is "mush pot." I know what "mush pot" refers to, but I have no idea why it's in there.
  • Oh wait, yes I do. So, I've never been a very emotional person. I don't cry at movies and stuff. And then I got engaged. Ever since then, it's like the mush pot (the term Dan uses for me when I'm emotional) inside me has been awakened and I cry at everything. Like the cheeseball movie Armageddon. And certain commercials. I don't like Mush Pot me.
  • I got the best compliment yesterday from a friend who's a bit of a blunt little hard-ass. She told me she would eat food I brought to a pot luck. You have NO idea how much that means to me.
  • Lastly, how the fluck is Jessica Simpson STILL pregnant? I'm convinced she's gestating a horse. What baby wouldn't want to stay in there when it gets fed Pop Tarts?
Alright, I'm out. Enjoy your Friday, and have a fun weekend. I'm crazy jealous that Shana is with Allyson this weekend, so I don't think there's a link-up. 


kristykay123 said...

LOL I was wondering the same thing about Jessica!
I loved all of your status updates this week. :)

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I loved mush pot Brooke at her 30th Birthday party! Congrats on a wonderful coming out week. So proud of you buddy!

Shana said...

Of all the things I wasn't able to get done before I left...getting a link up done was a top priority. Granted...I posted it at 1 AM and then slept for two hours before getting up and heading for the airport. But I couldn't let my faithful linkers down.