Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drawestin: Seriously Brilliant Digital Art

There used to be a time that I was pretty obsessed with a fun little game called Words With Friends. And then people kind of just stopped playing as much because something better came along. And that something is Draw Something. It's basically playing pictionary with 40 of your closest friends on your phone. It's incredibly awesome. It's hilarious because depending on how far along you are in earning points, you have to make do with the colors you have and sometimes you end up with blue grass and red eyes.

The problem for me is that I don't have an iPhone, and playing on my rinky dink little LG phone (I love LG phones, but the Draw Something capability is lacking) is crappy. The battery can't support the huge draw on power, and the size of the download means I can keep exactly 15 texts or 2.6 pictures on my phone at once. Lame. So I deleted it. And I've missed it so. I've been watching the Android market for a Kindle Fire version and there still isn't one (WTF, Android market/Amazon?). BUT. Yesterday, I found instructions for downloading it as an outside app and! Only problem - I can only play when I'm at home or where I can get Wifi. Oh well, better than nothing.

Anyway, Amanda and Hutch are having this awesome link-up of your best Draw Something screen shots. Because I don't have screen shot on the Kindle, I'm limited to being able to share the only two shots of brilliant work that have been saved and posted by others.

First, I present to you pretty much one of the very first pictures I ever had to guess, drawn by Temerity Jane:

I didn't freaking guess this one and she'll never ever let me live it down. It's Tupac. Obviously. Except to me at the time. My excuse: "I thought he was a Blood." ::hangs head in shame::

And then there's this, drawn by yours truly for a friend:

Also obvious... Carmelo (Anthony). I didn't know what team he plays for or what color jerseys that team would wear. All I know is that he's brown (and yes, I used yellow when I had to draw that Jeremy Lin guy), his name sounds like Caramello, and that's like a Rolo. Brilliant.

Amanda and Hutch are hosting their link-up called Drawestin all through April as a feature of their conglomeration #AwesomeAustin. I honestly don't know if I have an SN on Draw Something because I sign on through Facebook, but you can email me with your SN and I'll find you to play. You can also play with Amanda (AmandaAustin) and Hutch (AwesomeHutch). And if you Tweet it, use the hashtags #AwesomeAustin and #Drawestin

DRAWSTIN a Draw Something Linkup with @AmandaAustin and @AwesomeHutch


Hutch said...

Carmello is pretty awesome! I like when people get creative. I draw lots of stick figures and use words :)

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

OK, when I did Tupac for somebody I TOTALLY did the nose ring too! Awesome. You saw Kallay's version of Kobe. I isn't it awkward when you have to draw skin colors? Ahh, draw something. I love you. Now I'm going to get on the ipad and find you so I can draw you an awesome picture.