Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Musings Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! Hang on to your butts - I'm about to make up for last week.

- I went to the restroom in the office yesterday, and as I was washing my hands, a woman came in with an apple and set it on the counter before picking a stall. Really? You bring FOOD into a public bathroom? That grossed me out beyond measure. Maybe.... MAYBE I could see it if it was something like an orange or a banana where you peel the skin off and the fruit underneath hasn't been exposed to bathroom air. But an APPLE? You eat the skin! Ugh, gross.

- Also related to food, a group in the building had a potluck the other day. You know that Chex Puppy Chow mix? That's so delicious? Well, one girl brought it in and served it in a dog food bowl. Literally, a DOG food bowl. I can't decide if I find that to be genius or disturbing.

- Apparently, I have food on my mind. Every day as I drive to work, I pass by a lot of sign spinners. And I drive to work fairly early, so it always kind of surprises me that they're out already. I hate sign spinners. They annoy me. If I see one, I make a mental note to avoid the establishment they're advertising for. Here's where this ties in to food. One of the places along my commute that has a spinner is a burrito shack. Their pictures look delicious. I enjoy breakfast burritos. But I can never go there, because every morning, there's a jackass in a chili pepper costume spinning a sign for them. First world problems.

- Non-food related: also on my route to work but closer to our neighborhood, there's this big sign that has a lot written on it, but the first part is "my dog was stolen." That sucks, I feel for you. But here's the thing about this sign. It's VERY elaborately painted. As in, the outlines of the letters are all in white, and the inner colors of each word rotate between 4 or 5 colors. It's busy as hell to look at. Also, the sign is tacked to a street sign on a corner that is nowhere near a stop light. Thus, I'm traveling at about 40mph when I drive by it, so not only can I not take a picture to show you, I can't READ it. Between the busy colorful lettering and its placement, all I know is that some guy with a lot of time on his hands had his dog stolen. Here's a thought, dude. In the time it took you to make that sign, you could have been looking for your dog.

- I may have mentioned something about this before, but some friends of ours went through some unfortunate junk in January, and it's still going on. I'm not going to get all into it, because it doesn't all matter, but let's just say there are "sides." Dan and I are apparently on side A, and pretty much the entire rest of our group of "friends" is on side B. More accurately, we're on side The Kids (yes, there are kids involved in all this) and side B shut us out, essentially choosing side A for us. Anyway, this is how dumb this all is. And keep in mind that the youngest person involved in all this (besides The Kids) (and also, I use "involved" loosely, because if I really told you the whole thing, I think you'd agree that we're not involved at all) is Dan at age TWENTY-SEVEN. So, we're over on side A, right? Our tattoo artist and our hairstylist are on side B (though, really, it's their significant others who are on side B, and they're both more like Sweden. Or Switzerland. Whichever one doesn't get involved). Anyway, this big thing I've been leading up to is this: we no longer get reminder calls from our hairstylist's salon because the guy who makes said reminder calls is on side B. That's right. Someone whose job it is to make reminder calls for an appointment so we can come in and GIVE THEM OUR MONEY refuses to call us because we're on the wrong side of a situation that we're not even in. We need new friends. Now accepting applications. And they might have found this somehow, and that's fine. Hopefully in reading this, y'all realize how ridiculous this all is. This is the most I've ever put out on the webs about this situation, and that's a big difference from all the crap that's been said about me.

- Speaking of stupid fighting, I had a dream last night where I argued with Dan. It wasn't even something we would ever fight over in real life, and it was so stupid, but I was mean. Do you ever do that? So I woke up feeling bad that I'd been so awful and apologized to him. Is that normal? I apologized for something I didn't even actually say, just because I thought of it in a dream.

- Okay, let's end on a happy note. I am so honored to be a part of this. Allyson of Magnolias & Mimosas and Daisy and Elm Jewelry and Rosaries designed a line of jewelry for National Infertility Awareness Week, and it is fabulous! She took ideas from me (and some fellow IFers) for words and phrases that are meaningful to us and made some truly fabulous pieces. It goes on sale on Sunday at 1pm EDT, but you can preview it on her Facebook page here in the "Perennials" album. Ally, I am truly grateful for the thoughtfulness of your work, and I'm thankful for your friendship <3

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend!

Also, I am a chickenshit, so that part about our friend situation might come down later. But feel free to comment on it for now.


Shana said...

There is a girl that works here who brings plates and utensils into the bathroom. We don't know why...maybe to wash them...but she walks past the kitchen to get to the bathroom. So I don't understand.

Also...I've never done that dream thing...but I was with Ally once and she woke up from a dream about Neal and she was so mad at him for what he did to her in the dream that she called him and made him apologize!

Anonymous said...

How sad that "adults" by age are not truly "adults". They must thrive on trauma and gossip and
trashing others. Sounds almost like high school crap. They're just mad because they can't make you join side B. It is sad for you and Dan but move on and look for true friends, they will be there and you will find them.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I feel for you buddy! I promise to be a good friend who doesn't choose sides!