Friday, April 6, 2012

Random Friday Musings

Happy Friday! Hurray for a surprise day off - I thought I had to work, but thanks to Mrs. ESPN, I asked my boss and he told me we were off. So, yay! I've got some errands to run, and then I'm having lunch with Temerity Jane & Penny, and I might treat myself to a pedicure. Not to mention, I have about 20 games of Draw Something to keep up with.

- Today is roomie move-out day! And I feel a little bad putting the exclamation point in, but I'm ready to have our house back to ourselves. By the end of this weekend, we'll hopefully get quite a few things scratched off the list - we'll have an actual guest bedroom in the 3rd room, Dan has "paint stripes on craft room walls" as mission #1 on his to-do list, and we'll take care of some of storage issues since Dan can move some of his stuff back into bedroom #3.

- On the way to work the other day, I saw just a random beat-up Camry with a crooked sign that read "Hurry Transportation" on it. No phone number or anything, but it struck me that it was some kind of self-employed taxi service. And I admit, I judge books by covers sometimes. The guy driving was not someone I'd want to be trapped in the back seat with. Not to mention, he had no sense of urgency. I'm not sure "Hurry" anything was appropriate for this guy's business. It just all struck me as odd.

- Not long ago, my coworker C told the nail-clipping co-irker to stop trimming his nails in his cubicle. He called it "disturbing" and something that should be done at home. Well, C was out yesterday, so Clipper figured it would be okay. Not so much, because I just happened to grow a pair yesterday and sent Clipper an IM asking him to save the nail clipping for home and that it's really not appropriate to do in an office. He shot back, "I thought I was safe with C out of the office." I responded, "no, C being gone doesn't make it okay." So he told me he'd be more "careful." Careful? WTF? No. I... er, WE, actually... are trying to politely tell this disheveled doofus loser that what he's doing at work is inappropriate for the setting and he's clearly not getting it. And because he talks to his wife (who I hear looks like Tammy Faye Baker) 70 times a day, I'm sure this would have come up. If my husband told me he'd been called out by multiple people for doing that at work, I'd be mortified. But I guess performing acts of grooming and hygiene in close public spaces is the kind of ship they're running. Freaking weirdos.

- Today is a local radio station's Big Red Easter Keg Hunt. They hide 98 kegs around the city and one is worth $5,000. Usually, there's a concert the night of, and anyone who finds a keg brings theirs to find out if they're a winner, but this year, it's just some thing at an arcade. Anyway, every year I get all hyped up thinking I'm going to go find a keg. And then I get lazy. There are clues, but I figure by the time I get there, it'll be gone. Two years ago I did go out and drive around in my pajamas for about 12 minutes, but I got over it pretty quickly. I wish someone would just hide a keg in my yard and call it a day.

- My in-laws flew to MD to see my brother- and sister-in-law yesterday. Dan slept through his alarm and was about 45 minutes late picking them up to get them to the airport. Still, they made their flight... barely. That's good, because I know Dan would have felt awful. I would, however, like to apologize to any passengers who had to listen to my father-in-law complain and stuff for five hours.

- Happy Birthday to my sweet friend, Kathy! She's the one who sent me the beautiful print a little while ago. I hope you have a fabulous time in Boston!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We're not really Easter celebraters (aside from indulging in Cadbury Mini Eggs), but I know many of you are, so I hope it's special for you and your families :)


Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

I wonder if your co-irker {love that by the way} is told by his wife that he isn't allowed to clip his nails at home... I don't get people sometimes... it's common sense that cutting your nails in public is sick, unless you're at a nail salon!!!

Easter Keg Hunts... DC101 back home {Maryland} used to put those on all the time and I always wanted to go searching for them too but I was always heading to work, away from the action in the opposite direction. I think DC has since made them stop doing it, which is sad. If you found the golden keg I think you would get a free beer for a year or something.

400 Wakeups said...

So my mom has a friend who clips her nails at the dinner table and it makes me vomit in the back of my throat every.single.time. The crazy thing is, Mom would NEVER do that and yet, she dines regularly with someone who does. Normally Mom carries a nice hairy pair with her in her her purse so why she hasn't told her yet is beyond me. But I think clipping nails is so disgusting that I make Neal go outside and at least 10 paces from the house before doing it.

Also...I think that was a not-so-subtle hint to Dan to hide a keg in your yard and call it a day. WAKE UP, DAN!! Your wife is trying to tell you something!!!

Congratulations on getting your house back to yourselves. That truly is a beautiful thing.

Shana said...

I'm with you...I'd drive around for about 12 minutes and then give up. Because winning $5000 would be nice, but I don't have the ambition necessary to drive around the city and follow clues.

Congrats on getting your house back and your newly striped walls look awesome!

Laura Diniwilk said...

Your stories about the nail clipping make me gag as I remember getting moved to a new cubicle to find that the last co-irker (ha!) kindly left nail clippings in the desk drawer as a welcome present. EW EW EW!