Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And that's why they call me "Grace"

Anyone who's known me in real life for any good period of time knows that I'm challenged with coordination and gracefullness. I've fallen and hurt myself in more embarrassing ways than I care to count. Example: I once cut myself making Jello. Yeah, Jello. Another time, I managed to almost take out a small child or 7 while sliding face first down hill to catch a foul ball at a baseball game (and I was 21 at the time). But last night, I was really on top of my game and lost an epic battle against gravity.

The scene: boot camp, nearing the end of the work out. We paired up and were going to do partner activities. These have a lot of pressure for me, since one person is the lead. They have to do a set number of an exercise while the other person has to dome something else that's usually harder. So if the lead takes their sweet time, the partner is miserable. Any way, last night, the lead was to do step ups on wooden boxes while the partner did sumo squat thrusts with medicine balls. Brutal. I volunteered to be the lead and before we started, I notice my dumbbellwas right in front of my partner's exercise area. So I went to move it out of the way. As I did, Boot Camp Man started counting down to our start and I got all nervous and started to back pedal around to the back of the box. Well, stupid me, my foot caught on the box to my right and I tripped. In an ever so graceful coordination of flailing limbs, I tried to catch myself and instead managed to twist my wrist and land ass-first onto a 50 pound free weight. I did, however, save myself from hitting my head.

After I'd dusted off my pride and got up - I was going to go straight into my step ups, then realized I had a little too much adrenaline and didn't feel so hot - I moved my dainty and delicate self out of the way and rested for a minute. Everyone was very nice and asked if I was alright, which really I was, aside from a little bruised pride. I'm a little slow today - sitting, bending over, and walking all hurt. I have a pretty awesome blurple bruise on my behind that I'm sure will become even more beautiful - if that's even possible - in the coming days.


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

It sounds even better in print!

Salt said...

I would tell you to post a picture of your bruise, but it sounds like it might be NSFW.

OUCH though! This totally sounds like something I'd do.