Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's the return...

...of Meal Plan Monday (er, Tuesday)!! I haven't done MPM in quite a while and I need to get back in the habit. it makes grocery shopping easier and more efficient and we're less likely to be temped into eating junk because there isn't something laid out for us. I'm also hoping to go back to boot camp in the next few weeks here, so getting the healthy eating in line now will create less of a culture shock.

So, here we go:

Monday: I couldn't eat anything but mashed potatoes last night, as my mouth wouldn't open more than about a 1/2 inch

Tuesday: Stuffed peppers (should be easy enough to eat - my jaw is still sore)

Wednesday: Chicken and sauteed squash and zucchini

Thursday: Dos Gringos - we enjoy our weekly tradition of unwinding with tacos and Coronas. This will be my splurge meal of the week

Friday: Pot roast. We may or may not be going to Tucson this weekend. We're waffling on the plans. But if we do make it, pot roast is perfect since we can do so much with it over the weekend. Or, I can freeze it if we do go and use it next week.

Lunches will consist of salads from Fresh and Easy (love them!) and left overs (if we have them). I'm going to try out something new for breakfasts: turkey sausage with cheese and breakfast thins, possibly with the addition of scrambled egg whites. I'm trying to emphasize the protein in my meals and reduce bad cards where possible. Snacks will be protein and calcium-rich cottage cheese or Greek yogurt and fruit.

As always, if you have any recipes to share, please don't hesitate!


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Yeah - I am glad you are eating healthy so you can help me eat more healthy.

Salt said...

FRESH AND EASY!! I wish Maryland would get some of those stores.

I should really be doing meal plans at the beginning of each week also. My grocery shopping experiences are always such a disaster.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are doing this again. For me it's like positive peer pressure. Because if you can take the time to plan and shop and cook, then so can I. Basically, you are guilting me into being healthier. So thanks!

Brooke said...

Ha, you're welcome :)