Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Still alive and also "what irks you?"

Yeah, so it's been a while. Sorry. It's been 7 days of cleaning, seeing my parents, packing ribbon cookies, boot camp, hanging out with friends, watching movies, etc. And brain farts. Can't forget those.

I was thinking the other day though about how we've been married for almost 10 months now and how it seems to have gone by so quickly. My husband rules, and we love being married. There are those little things, however, that no matter how much you love someone, drives you freaking batty. We all have them, whether they bothered us before marriage or crept up on us later. Even when our other half is perfect for us, there are little things that are less than perfect.

Exhibit A: Dan almost always leaves a can, bottle, cup, or something else on our breakfast bar rather than throwing it in the trashcan 10 feet away. I know I get lazy with throwing things away too, but it makes no sense to me that he's in the kitchen and leaves his trash on the counter. And then when I get huffy and throw it away, he'll say "I was just going to do that." Really? Usually there's a lap top in his lap or he's engrossed in some motocross of UFC fight or something when he says this, so it's doubtful to me that he was planning on getting up anytime soon just to throw away that pesky Gatorade bottle that had been there for 18 hours.

Exhibit B: A typical conversation in our home:

Me: What time will you be home so I can make dinner?
Dan: I have to drop off some CDs at Scott's work, get gas, and pick up stuff to clean your car.
Me: Oooookay, so what time is that?
Dan: A few hours, maybe 2 hours. I don't know.
Me: Ummmm....

I'm not an over-bearing wife. I'm not asking to know where he's going to be, who he's going to see, etc. I just want to know what time to put the chicken in the oven. I need a TIME, like hours and minutes. Even a guesstimate. But not an itinerary. The best part is that we've discussed this one before. He know what kind of answer I want, and still I get plans rather than a time. I'm sure he's probably just telling me all that he has to do so I have a sense of how much he's trying to get in and that there could be delays due to it all, but still.

Lastly, Exhibit C: The couple of weeks ago, I got up early with the pups and used the guest restroom - which is essentially Dan's bathroom - to avoid waking him up. I went to wash my hands and sprayed myself in the crotch with soap. Dan had "refilled" the hand soap by diluting it with water, rather than telling me we were out of soap or refilling it with the actual giant refill bottle under the kitchen sink. I get that he's just trying to remedy the no-soap situation, but soap doesn't disappear over night. Every week I ask if he has grocery requests or if we need anything at Target. He can remember that I said 4 days ago that I'm low on face wash, but didn't say anything about the soap for what I assume could be as long as two weeks while the soap level slowly crept south. And then I sprayed myself in the crotch. Ugh

Okay, there are my gripes. I have no doubt he has a few about me: I'm messy, avoid putting my clothes away at all costs, and always forget to keep the dogs out of the kitchen. I want things done now and done a certain way and I can be annoying about it. If he burps and doesn't say excuse me within 2.6 seconds, I remind him. I know I drive him nuts, too. I'm sure he could write you a very amusing post about all my little quirks. But it's my blog :)

What does your significant other do that drive you just a little bananas?


Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying that I'm a control freak. So there are a lot of things that J does that drive me nuts. A biggie is that he will take a tray of ice cubes into the living room, use three cubes and leave the rest melting on the coffee table. When (and if) he finally brings the empty/melted tray into the kitchen, he will leave it on the counter instead of re-filling it and putting it in the freezer. Usually it's only one tray, but yesterday he was home all day, so he did this with all three trays of ice. Guess who had no ice when she got home from work?

The thing about the burps...I do that too. Also, if he asks me to do something without saying please, I act like I can't hear him until he says it. It's not mature, but it's effective!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

D procrastinates like no other and he keeps crap whereas I am a purger by nature. I know there are plenty of other things - like forgetting to call me to tell me he is running late (isn't that why we have cell phones) but my brain is tired today!