Thursday, July 15, 2010

Open Letter Thursday: Were you raised in a barn?

Dear coworker,

Did your wife teach you no manners? How about your mother? If either of them did teach you manners, it's clear that you've forgotten them, because you're being rude. They'd be embarrassed that you would ask someone 5 times in a week whether or not they're competing in the office's Biggest Loser contest. As the husband of someone whom I've heard has weight issues, I'd think you, sir, would know better. I'd think, but apparently I'd be wrong.

I know that I've gained a few pounds since getting married, and that's it's only about half of what I've gained over the past two years. I'm not happy about it. I struggle with self image and making good choices with diet and exercise. It's on my mind more than you'll ever know. I realize I'd be a good candidate for the quarterly weight loss contest. But it's still RUDE of you, Coworker, to ask me so many times if I'm participating. Asking once was alright, twice was forgiveable, and I laughed off the third inquisition; but I'm pretty much seething mad by now, after you asked when I'm weighing in. Uh, if I was in it, I'd have an answer for you, but asking that insinuates yet again that you think I'm doing it/should be doing it. You're really starting to make me angry and bring some of these super self-conscious feelings back to the surface after I'd managed to smoosh them down with promises to myself of healthy eating, meal planning, and a trip back to boot camp.

Perhaps I'm being too sensitive, but I'm pretty sure anyone would be bugged by this by now, even if only because of having to answer the same question so many times. Rest assured, I'm not sure I'll be able to be so polite to you the next time you mention it. And yes, I will be sabotaging you with cookies and brownies. You'll think I'm being super sweet and sharing with you, but I've got revenge in mind. Beware.




Salt said...

Screw cookies and brownies. What that jerk needs is a big bag of dog poop left on his desk. WTF is his problem??

Anonymous said...

NO! That is beyond rude. I would make sure to put some laxatives in those brownies. It might not have the weight gaining effects that you would like, but it would definitely get the message across that he's being a shithead.

If he says it again, tell his ass off.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I'll beat him up tomorrow when I get there. Tell him your tax bud does kick ass kickboxing!

Karen said...

Oh my god, how rude - he deserves one of your "Brookie in your face comebacks!" I vote for the laxatives in the brownies and then just sit back and smile. What an idiot.