Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cake Class 2: Clowning Around

Did you know Jelly Bellys are gluten free? Now you do.

Cake decorating class today was fun, as expected. I baked and stacked my cakes last night, and got the frosting pretty smooth for my first shot. We started by painting three different colored stripes in a pastry bag. Once it was filled with icing and squeezed, the frosting came out with ribbons of color. Pretty cool. So what do we do with ribbony icing? Make creepy clowns of course. We were supposed to put them on our cakes and make a birthday cake, but I opted not to. I used my ribbony icing to work on my shells and write "Happy Friday" on my cake (you're welcome coworkers).

Gluten Free is socially oblivious, I've decided. She kept interrupting when people were talking and piping in (ha, puns are fun!) with various foods that are gluten free. Like gluten-free boxed cakes and Jelly Bellys. And that's... that's about it. She's like the Bubba of gluten-free foods. Sprinkles, on the contrary, have gluten, FYI.

I came home to Stuffed Peppers a la Dan, a bottle of pinot noir, and The Office. Oh em gee, it's the baby episode!! What more can a girl ask for?


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Where are the pics? I didn't learn how to do ribbons of color in the same bag ... you'll have to teach me.

Anonymous said...

If I was in your class, Gluten Free might have an unfortunate frosting, ooops, I'm so clumsy to have tripped and dumped all my frosting in your lap like that! I would love to see pictures of your cake.

JMJE said...

OOOH the office baby ep was good. Yeah in my cake decorating class we did the clowns too. They were kind of gross. Lots o' icing in them.

Amanda said...

Clowns = Terrifying. Seriously.

Your cake is so cute! I would love to be your coworker, BTW.

i LOVED the baby episode of the Office. How cute is Jim? (can't get over it).