Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake Class 4: The Monkey Cake

Isn't he cute? I'm mostly happy with it as a first try. My cake didn't come out of the pan nicely so it was hard to see the definition of the hands and feet. In contrast, one of my classmates also did the monkey and she could tell exactly where each finger and toe was. So I need to work on making sure my pan works for me. I have enough icing left over to have another go at it this weekend. I'm going to use a smaller tip for the outline and tweak the color and consistency. I'm sure Dan won't mind me making another cake :)

It has been another long week, and I'm so happy to see Friday. It's an exciting day - I have a haircut appointment, my parents' party invites are here, and I should be getting the shirt Dan ordered me as a gift. I love the Johnny Cupcakes shop and the story behind the business. Basically, the designer started making and wearing shirts with cupcakes as kind of a joke and they caught on. 9 years later, he's developed somewhat of a cult following and has spoofed various logos and designs by adding or substituting a cupcake. There are a ton of designs, all of them exclusive to the website and Johnny Cupcakes stores, and there also limited edition, hand numbered designs. Dan got me the classic Johnny Cupcakes insignia tee:

We've also got a fun weekend ahead. Tomorrow is the Walk for Wishes 5K, I still need to check and see what time we have to be there. I also have my coworker's family baby shower in the afternoon, and then we're meeting up with Scott & Melissa and their kids to play putt-putt golf and get sushi. On Sunday, I hope to get some St. Patrick's Day cookies done and give the monkey another try. If I have time (it doesn't seem like it though), I also want to work on my daisy painting. There will be no lack of activity in our home this weekend, that's for sure.

Do you have fun weekend plans?


Anonymous said...

That cake is great! I love it.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

The monkey turned out cute - great job especially for your first time!