Friday, March 19, 2010

Cribs: Cubicle Edition

Amanda at It's Blogworthy had a cute post about her cubicle this morning (and her awesome Muppets paperclips!) and I decided to steal her fabulous idea and show you where I spend 8+ hours of my day. For people who don't work in cubicles, it's kind of a foreign concept. My mom is a teacher, and I'm not sure she's ever seen a true cube farm. It can be quite dizzying. When I worked with Mrs. ESPN , we visited a lot of different companies, and one in particular had a huuuuuuge call center. I'm fortunate that my office, even with it's rows of cubes, doesn't feel sterile. People here tend to personalize their cubes, some quite a bit. I personally would go nuts if I didn't have some personal possessions that make me happy. Thus, I present to you, my home away from home.

First off, I have to say, I'm very lucky. I have a huge cubicle. Most everyone on our floor shares, but my coworker and I each have a cube to ourself. The downside is that we share cube walls with the engine service plan people, so we hear loud shmoozing all day. I spend a lot of time listening to my iPod, which is located to this little guy, Domo.
You may recognize Domo from Target's 2008 Halloween marketing. He's got more of a history though, one that made me burst into wet-your-pants laughter when I walked into Target in mid-July (approximately) and saw their Halloween signage for the first time. You see, like many viral photo fans in my generation, I associate Domo with this:

Domo the Kitten Killer. Whoever on Target's marketing team kept their mouth shut while they snickered when Domo was suggested as the Halloween mascot is my personal hero, because it was downright hilarious to me. Anyway, moving along.

These little guys live on my monitor. Dan bought them for me not long after we started dating. We were leaving a grocery store and walked by the little kiddie sticker and and trinket machines when he got all excited. He quickly stuffed about 5 quarters into the darn thing - that's how many it took to get me three different monkies (the others were discarded, poor monkies) - and then proudly presented me with them. The whole moment had me laughing, so they're a cute reminder of the hubs at work.

Speaking of the hubs, this is the only picture I keep at work, and it's off to the side where I can oogle him discretely. I just love this photo. I also love the froggy guy next to it. I got it in a white elephant exchange this past Christmas. He's actually a soap holder, and the giver included paperclips as a joke because we can't seem to get office supplies here at work. Turns out, he makes a pretty convenient paperclip holder. So a "hey, our company's cheap" joke actually turned into a cute and functional desk accessory.

And of course, no desk of mine would be complete with pictures of my pups. I've got Paisley's photo from her luau at Doggie Day Camp and my Snapfish calendar with pics of both girls.

Those are the things about my cube that make me the most happy. I've got other little things here and there, like the giant University of Arizona mug in which I keep stress balls and my arsenal of meds, lotion, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. Recently my cube has been dubbed the "therapy room," so a coworker made a sign that says "Therapy in Session." I also couldn't bear to part with my Brooke's Cocoa Bar sign, so that hangs on an inside wall.

Anyone else care to share their "crib?"


Amanda said...

Ah, thank you for sharing your cube! I love it. These things are precious. I especially love the monkeys. My sister has bought me something Monkey related every christmas and birthday for years and years. I have quite a stash! I'm going to link you up on mine. :)

Salt said...

So cute! I love that picture of you and Mr. K, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Domo! He is adorable. That frog paperclip holder is hilarious.

I am all for having fun toys all over your desk. I have all sorts of bizarre stuffed animals and figures in here. And Christmas lights. I really need to post my desk.

Karen said...

I am so excited knowing I finally have not a cube but a real office. After 23 years of directing a variety of educational programs I am fortunate enough to get my very own office WITH A WINDOW. I guess education is quite different than business.

I too have meaningful objects representing those I love the most, the fun times I've had and things that ground me and calm me in times of stress. I can't wait for you to see my space this Friday at the dedication.

The Only Girl said...

Love it! Amanda @ It's Blogworthy thought I might like to add your's to my "International Workspace Tour". Would you like me to?