Sunday, March 14, 2010

The 5K and Home Improvements

Yesterday, we ran the 5K for the Make a Wish Foundation. Actually, since we parked so far away, we ran the 5K and walked an additional 2 miles. We finished together in 42 minutes and 12 seconds. I'd have liked to have done it faster and know I could have run more than I did, but I was honestly so happy to have Dan doing it with me, that I waited up for him and walked more than I probably would have otherwise. I see it as an opportunity for improvement and what's important is that we raised money for a great cause.

I also went to my friend's baby shower yesterday, and that was really fun. She got so much great stuff, including a box of 668 diapers. I'm sure her son will go through them very quickly, but she won't have to buy diapers for quite a while. We played games and drank wine. We played the "don't say 'baby' game" with clothes pins and I was winning for a long time and then I just couldn't seem to stop saying 'baby.' I'm so glad she invited me to her shower, and I can't wait to throw her work shower in 9 days!
We were supposed to go play mini golf and eat sushi with friends, but they bailed, so we decided to paint the accent walls in the apartment instead. I think they turned out great! I helped Dan with the living room wall, and then I was tired and tired of having a headache (it's been 2.5 days, not uncommon for me), so I went to bed and took the pups with me so he could do the dining room wall. I didn't take before photos, but I'm sure you can imagine a boring white apartment.
The living room. That framed Ikea may or may not stay there, depending on how tall our new entertainment center is.

The dining room. We think we want to do red on two other walls that have window cutouts, but we haven't completely decided.

We made another improvement this weekend. A big important one. We bought a giant crate for both dogs to sleep in. Dan was skeptical that it would work, since Clover hates her crate about as much as house-breaking. We were surprised that Paisley actually was the whiner. I think maybe she thought we were kidding about making her sleep in it. I don't blame her though - she's been sleeping with me and then us for almost 2 years, and now is banished to a crate. But we've slept great the last two nights (until 6:30am!!), so I'm very happy with the decision. Here are the little demons in Mega Crate

Today, we're off to the in-laws for corned beef and cabbage, and then I've got to decorate the 6 dozen shamrock cookies I baked this morning. I may or may not do that until tomorrow, depending on how long we're at Dan's parents' house. I'm just glad The Girls will have a chance to play and run in their yard and hopefully come home tired.

How's your weekend going?


Amanda said...

I Love your red dining room! I want to do my kitchen in red when we get around to it.

Salt said...

What a great crate!! It will be nice to have the two of them in there together. Both for them and also obviously for you because you got to sleep so late! that's fantastic news. :)

The walls look fantastic and so does monkey cake! Congrats on finishing the 5k!! (And I'm glad you had fun!)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could put both dogs in a crate together, but they are too big to fit even in the largest size.

I love the green and red walls. Very bold.

Meghan said...

Congrats on your 5K finish! That's awesome!

And I love your accent walls. Nice selection!