Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Clover's Day Out

It's been a very long Wednesday. Clover was awake at 2:30 this morning, and was restless until 4:40, barely allowing me to doze off every now and then. When she chose 4:45 to jump down onto the floor and I burst into tears, my sweet husband got up, took The Girls, and went to the living room so I could get an hour of rest. When I got up, he told me he was going to Starbucks and had me write down my favorite drink. I felt like a zombie and it was a much needed pick-me-up. Salt mentioned on her blog that married life for her and her new husband isn't much different than engaged-cohabitating life except that they're ultra-nice to each other. I have to agree. Getting up early and getting me an iced venti Chai Tea latte at 6:15am was very ultra-nice of my husband. Though I must brag, I think he'd have done that anyway :)

Anyway, it was a long day. I was tired, despite my latte and 2 Coke Zeros. I had a LOT to do at work, a huge deadline worth about $1.5M. I seriously owe cupcakes to about 5 people who really went out of their way to help me on very short notice. I also forgot my phone and felt bare all day, though luckily Dan has a Blackberry, so I was able to to check in with him now and then via email. I left at almost 5:30, after nearly 10 hours in the office and too late to stop at the grocery store on my way home without knowing if Dan was home to let the dogs out. As it turns out, Dan was home.

And what did he find? Scratching on the bedroom door. From Paisley on the outside, and Clover on the inside. But wait... isn't Clover supposed to be in a crate during the day? Why yes, she is! Turns out, Tired Me forgot to check to make sure both crate doors were closed. We have no idea how long she was free in the bedroom, but were relieved to find that there wasn't much damage. She'd gotten a shoe and ripped up a paper bag. And that was it. Dan met me downstairs to warn me, but there was no reason to.

And here's where it gets gross, so stop reading if you want. We realized that she should have gone #2 by that time of day. She's crate trained, so she doesn't go in her crate, but the rest of the apartment is her personal toilety free-for-all since she refuses with the passionate fire of 1,000 suns to not be house-broken. Andplusalso, she's a poo eater. We thought maybe we'd gotten lucky, and she hadn't gone, that she hadn't discovered the open crate door and been out long enough. Then again, maybe she'd gotten out and recycled her breakfast as a snack. Dan told me to smell her breath, and I did, mostly as a joke.

And then... she shitburped in my face. I told you to stop reading.

Our Gross Little Thing is currently sleeping happily on the couch, snuggled up with Paisley and completely unaware that she's spending tonight in her crate. I have to get sleep, or I'll go nuts.

In other news, my apron came today! I got the black and white damask, and I love it. I wore it to mix my cake batter for my final cake class tomorrow.

And in other exciting news, my sister and I are planning and throwing our parents a 30th anniversary party. We've spent the last couple evenings planning and conspiring and I'm so excited. 30 years is quite the accomplishment, and I truly admire my parents' relationship. I think we're planning a fun party - with a surprise theme until the invites arrive - that they'll really love.

I'm also contemplating a vacation or a staycation. We're not doing a big honeymoon trip and I need to burn a week so I'm contemplating ideas. I might take a week to be at home and just unwind and then Dan and I might both fly to Seattle at the end to visit my sister. I also considered visiting family in New York and ending my visit with a trip to the Post Secret event taking place at a college nearby. We shall see. If anyone has ideas, I'm open to something economical.


Amanda said...

SHITBURP! ahahaha (not laughing at you, laughing that you came up with such a creative way to say it) :)

I've done the same thing with our dog. We come back and she's on the couch and I think -- how did that happen? She also is a very good sleeper with us, but there are nights when she won't settle down and into the crate she goes!

Hope that Thursday is a little better for ya!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

I have never heard that term - shitburped! You totally made my day B! As I sit on a boring conference call and start busting out laughing! Good thing my phone is on mute!

JMJE said...

I'm glad I was not on the recieving end of a shitburp. My dog loves to eat his own throw up though. I would love to take a staycation. That pretty much what I did over my xmas break and it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

One of my dogs is a poo-eater who refuses to be housebroken too. One day she managed to get the door to the guest room open and then she knocked the vacuum over, blocking the door. So she was stuck in there all day. The worst of the damage was that she peed all over a bag of stuffed animals that was meant for Goodwill. I've been on the receiving end of too many shitburps myself. So I feel your pain and I hope today is better.