Monday, December 7, 2009

Sneak Peek: Cocoa Bar

Salt finished my sign for me, and it's so awesome! Check it out:

Didn't it come out super cute? I'm for sure going to win, now. The "Candy Cane Girls" in the corner of the office used red and white all over their cubicle and hung candy canes (hence their new office nickname) from the ceiling. They've got an advantage being where they are - you have to deliberately walk out of the way to get a peek at their decoration. I'm not scared though.

So far, I've got tinsel garland, blue snowflakes, a few of my snowmen, and I'm going toput snowman wrapping paper on the walls. It's going to be awesome!

1 comment:

saltsays said...

I am beside myself with happiness that you love your sign so much! I think everything will look FABULOUS and I can't wait to hear that you kicked all their a$$es at decorating!