Monday, January 25, 2010

Meal Plan Monday Jan. 25

This week's meal plan is based around using the 8.5 tons of mozzarella I have left over from the jewelry party's pizzas. I way over-bought on everything but the crusts, so that's all I'll have to pick up. Thankfully it's low-fat cheese, so I'm not too worried about the detriment to our health. So this week's meal plan is as follows:

Monday: Mini Boboli pizzas and salad (chipping away at that cheese supply)
Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan and asparagus (more cheese gone)
Wednesday: Turkey Stuffed Peppers (this week is starting to look Italian-y)
Thursday: More Boboli pizza (hopefully, we'll be using the last of the cheese)
Friday: I'm hopefully meeting up with Mrs. ESPN for dinner and drinks, so Mr. K can fend for himself

Thursday used to be our traditional Wine and Office night, and we usually had pizza to go along with it. Then we got away from the pizza (we kept the wine and Office, of course) when we started trying to conserve cash. But this Thursday, it's coming back with mini Bobolis. Thankfully, I have a husband who loves pizza and doesn't mind a meal repeat. To keep me from being bored with pizza, I'm going to make an olive, feta, and basil pizza tonight and then I'll have a pepperoni, pepper, and mushroom pizza on Thursday. Yum!!

Our weekend in Tucson was fun. We weren't able to get there too early on Saturday because Dan was on call and had to do a job. But we were there in time for dinner and a night of Scattergories. It was a nice time, full of laughs, good steaks, and my mom's yummy ice box cake. Sunday, Dan had to leave early to do more on-call jobs, and I stayed to spend time with my parents and to see my cousin and her baby (briefly). Then we all met about halfway in Casa Grande to have dinner and watch the NFC championship game (darn Vikings! I was rooting for you, Brett).

Today marks one year since Dan asked me to marry him after making dinner together and while dancing in our pajamas in the living room. I'm reminded what a wonderful year 2009 was for us and how much 2010 and the many years ahead have in store for us. Happy "Yes" Anniversary to us!

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Anonymous said...

This post made me crave cheese. :)
I need to start doing meal plans. We keep talking about it and always forget. It just makes so much more sense!